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Help X Communications get a Facebook URL!

X Comms logo gets Lego treatment
X Comms logo gets Lego treatment

X Communications (the lovely place I work) is trying to get a nice snappy URL sorted for the company Facebook page. We’ve got 65 of the 100 fans needed to be eligible so if you think you might like to help us on our way click here, log in & become a fan.

If you’re choosey about who you fan or just wonder who X Communications/X Comms are, here’s a bit about what we do…

X Communications designs & builds websites, primarily on the Kentico content management system. They’ve been doing it for nearly 15 years from Dublin city centre and have picked up a few lovely awards along the way – check it out!

Some of our latest work can be seen on the funky McDonald’s Ireland homepage (featuring some cool parallax motion effects done with JavaScript and PNGs), the new EU Matters website, the 2009 Shoreditch Festival website and the new website for the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII).

If you want to find out a bit more about the projects, check out our blog. If you’re on Twitter, why not come say hi to us @xcommunications or drop us an email to info {at} xcomms.ie :)

Playhouse – Daft.ie get funky with Liberty Hall

The blurb goes like this:

“We will turn Dublin’s tallest building into a giant public canvas—and we want you to play with it. Our simple tools allow you to animate your thoughts and broadcast them on the city skyline.”

Today’s article in the Irish Indo says that 330 windows combined with some sophisticated LED lighting will turn Liberty Hall into a huge, electronic canvas as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival which runs from September 24th to October 11th.

Sounds wicked, and I’m loving the really cute n sexy website. Full info will be available on August 24th according to the www.daft.ie/playhouse page. In the meantime you can keep tabs on developments via Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr.

Design copyright in the Irish Times

Today I got to see my name in ink in the Irish Times Innovation supplement courtesy of an article titled ‘Lost Property’ by former print designer & now journalist Jason Walsh. You can read the article here on the Irish Times website or soak it up in the form of a PDF of the printed article. Jason approached me about the article about 2 weeks ago and in anticipation of giving my thoughts and reflections on the Fine Gael website fiasco, I had a look back at the website to see if things had changed. It appears to be more or less the same as when I last visited some time around the beginning of May.

I still maintain that the site is not fit for purpose but obviously, they have chosen to stick with it and try to make the best of it. There are a few important issues that should be addressed in my opinion, however:

1. Information Architecture: Finding your way around the site is currently a nightmare. There is a reliance on swapping content in and out of the same container on a single page that sits approximately 600px down the from the address bar. It is quite possibly out of the view of many visitors & many will miss the fact that the content they seek has loaded at all. At the very least a comprehensive search facility should be integrated to allow visitors to pinpoint information they need accurately and efficiently. Failing that, a detailed sitemap (if possible to generate based on the frame-like nature of the website) should be generated dynamically and links provided to it.

2. Remove or fix broken links: The ‘Help’ link on the main navigation appears to be an empty link along with the RSS link in the footer. While the ‘Register to Vote’ link in the main menu is faded out, it still appears as a menu item. Leaving it visible on the menu although inactive might be optomism on the part of FG looking to the possibility of a general election sooner rather than later but it is misleading to users and should be removed.

3. Multi-lingual content: What appears to be the Fine Gael ‘mission statement’ appears only in Irish (as far as I can see) – where is the English version? The ‘Polski’ version of the website appears to be one long page of a variety of information translated into Polish instead of the entire site being translated, something easy to achieve with a HTML website. At the very least, all content should be available as Gaeilge and more information available in other languages such as Polish, Chinese etc. Check out the brand new EU Matters website for an example of how it should & can be done.

If you’d rather keep up with all things FG via other online means, they’re on Twitter at @FineGaelIreland and Facebook and YouTube although things in the YouTube department seem to have dried up since the election fun all died down.

Want to know what heck the ‘FG website fiasco’ is/was? Here’s the story. Got any comments, thoughts or queries on the new EU Matters website launched by my colleagues at X Communications during the week? Drop them a tweet at @xcommunications or leave a comment below.

FOWD Tour 09 hits Belfast

FOWD Tour 09
FOWD Tour 09

Carsonified’s FOWD Tour 2009 is taking in Belfast this September the 2nd. I just grabbed one of the last remaining early bird tickets for £45 so if you want similar I suggest you hot foot it to the booking page pronto.

The day is split in two – a morning of tutorials and an afternoon of presentations & speed networking. Topics to be covered over the day:

  • The Importance of Beauty in Absolutely Everything
  • The Future of HTML5
  • Top 50 Rookie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Bauhaus Ideology and the Future of Web Design
  • The Battlefield of Design – Designers vs Clients

Speakers and teachers on the day will include Andy Clarke, Brendan Dawes, Drew McLellan, Elliot Jay Stocks, Paul Boag, Simon Collison and more. Further info is on the FOWD Tour website.

See you there!

Lunchtime linkage

Keeva Hurley, GSGC. Photo by Paul May.
Keeva Hurley, GSGC. Photo by Paul May.

So much blogging to catch up on both here and on Culch.ie will probably be burning the midnight oil tonight. Here’s a start:

  • Gardiner Street Gospel Choir were off the scale brilliant on Saturday night at The Helix, DCU. Everyone I went with and spoke to seemed to be on a buzz after it. Amazing show & fair play to them for doing their weekly gig in St. Francis Xavier’s Church the following evening – can’t have been easy! Well done to all involved, major blog post to come including MP3s of the gig. Paul May has some great shots of the guys n gals on Flickr.
  • Delorentos are offering up a free MP3 of ‘You Can Make Soundover here.
  • Curious Wines are supporting a great cause – donate to Lesley adn Will’s fund and you’re in a draw for a whopping €110 worth of tasty vino. These guys are cycling 300km for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Wow.
  • Damien has a short, sweet &  awesome post on online interaction.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman toys with the idea of a NSFW HTML tag in HTML 5.
  • TypeDrawing is my latest favourite funtime iPhone app. Check the Flickr group out for fruits of users’ efforts.
  • Smashing Magazine has some more excellent free fonts compiled.
  • Darragh talks about the set of the latest production at The Abbey over on Culch.ie – as he says photos really don’t do it justice, it’s almost worth going along to The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant just for the set alone.