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O2 pricing doesn’t favour existing customers

*** Edit to post at 19:42 ***

@O2Forum said “Hi, the Silver upgrade price is the same as a New Customer joining with Advance 150, Gold is the same for Advance 350 etc”

So it would appear there’s a gap in pricing for anyone who wants to go from a Silver upgrade to an iPhone 4 on their Advance 350 plan. You’ll save €60 by buying the phone as a new customer rather than upgrading.

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I’m in the process of deciding what phone to upgrade to and it’s looking increasingly likely I’ll go from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4 once I get the cash together.

While checking the pricing with my existing operator – O2 – I noticed that it’s somehow cheaper for me to purchase a 16GB iPhone 4 as a new customer rather than upgrade as an existing customer. €60 cheaper in my case.

Am I missing something here? Please point it out if I am but if I am correct in what I see being a bit strange I find that a bit crappy I’m afraid. I’ve been a customer with O2 for at least 7 years, the last 2 of which I’ve been a bill pay customer. Surely they should be dangling the carrot for me to at least equal the measure to which they’re dangling it for new customers?

I’ve never had any issues with O2 and up until now I’ve been reluctant to change operator.

O2 upgrade offer
O2 upgrade offer
O2 new customer offer
O2 new customer offer

Click for bigger. Prize if you can spot where I’m making a mistake.

WTF in the AM

Like many Irish iPhone users I use my phone as my alarm every morning.

Luckily it’s preceded by my radio switching on low to help wake me up before the bells start going ninety coz my alarm did not go off today.

While the stereo said 7.44, the phone said 6.56.

After 10 minutes of eye-rubbing and my brain slowly kicking into gear I decided it was best to get up, shower and then see what the heck was going on.

Seems it was an O2 network blip.

Who the heck gave the networks such power?!!!??!!!!!

Time to buy a watch, perhaps…

Dolly Mix 25.06.10 – Pride Parade, Zombie Walk & a website in 24 hours


Absolutely love the idea of FullCodePress. Get a team together and build a website for a charity in 24 hours for free. If I don’t do something like that between now and this time next year, I’ll certainly get involved next June. Progress pics here. Thanks Stu.

Congrats to the team from my beloved BSc in Multimedia in DCU who scooped the overall prize at the Digital Hub’s ‘Best in Show‘ competition with their series of short films for the Pashli charity.

Come along and join the Pride Parade on Saturday at 2 from the Garden of Remembrance – it’s always spectacular!

Or if your more enticed by things of a dead nature there’s a zombie walk happening at the same time from Stephen’s Green. Get the full info here.

Console’s annual benefit gig is on at the NCH next weekend. Jack L, Maynooth Gospel Choir and Acabella doing the honours. What’s stopping you?!

Apple-loving Stephen Fry on iPhone 4. Blog post entitled ‘A Welcome and a Warning‘.

Dolly Mix 04.05.10 – HTML5, Absolut Gay Theatre, Solsbury Hill etc

DrupalCamp takes place at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare on May 15th and 16th. See www.drupalwest.com/ for info.

The Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin is on until May 16th. I saw an amazing production last night at The New Theatre called Whore Works which runs until the 8th. Check out the programme here.

Innocent Drinks Consumer Cam.

iPhone and Android app builder and CMS that integrates with YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter in one neat looking package – MobileRoadie.

Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 for Web Designers looks tasty.

Solsbury Hill gets the Scala treatment in Cork:

Dolly Mixture 02.02.10 – life streams, iPhone web apps, Helveticons

Are life-streams are the new glossy buttons of the web? Here’s a nice service that will allow you to put together a rather good-looking web page via a WYSIWYG – Flavors.me.

Flavors.me from Jack Zerby on Vimeo.

Andy McMillan is presenting iPhone Web Apps (inc. HTML5, CSS3 & JQTouch) at X Cake Belfast on Tuesday 9th at 5.30pm at the University of Ulster.

Pennies is a lovely native app for counting, well, the pennies!

Lego digital camera.

Helveticons - icons inspired by Helvetica.

It’s Groundhog Day – how’s about following Stephen Tobolowsky?