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Rockport boots going to charity & a good home

In my recent run of seriously good fortune I won this pair of beautiful Rockport boots from Clery’s via their Facebook page. Sadly, being a girl who has destroyed her girly feet by wearing Converse too often they’re a smidge too high for me & essentially I look ridiculous trying to walk in them.

I’m heartbroken as they’re so very comfy and really lovely. However, they’re not much good to anyone sitting in a box in the spare room. So on Saturday I plan to drop then into a local charity shop in Dublin 2 in the hope of raising them some cash and seeing them go to a good home. I think Enable Ireland on Georges St is the nearest.

They’re in brown leather, a size UK 6 / EUR 39. Currently priced at €200 and the full spec here.

If anyone wants desperately wants to get their mits on them before then & I’m able to meet up and sort it out and such I’ll sell them on for €150 and donate the cash to a charity.

Dolly Mix 25.06.10 – Pride Parade, Zombie Walk & a website in 24 hours


Absolutely love the idea of FullCodePress. Get a team together and build a website for a charity in 24 hours for free. If I don’t do something like that between now and this time next year, I’ll certainly get involved next June. Progress pics here. Thanks Stu.

Congrats to the team from my beloved BSc in Multimedia in DCU who scooped the overall prize at the Digital Hub’s ‘Best in Show‘ competition with their series of short films for the Pashli charity.

Come along and join the Pride Parade on Saturday at 2 from the Garden of Remembrance – it’s always spectacular!

Or if your more enticed by things of a dead nature there’s a zombie walk happening at the same time from Stephen’s Green. Get the full info here.

Console’s annual benefit gig is on at the NCH next weekend. Jack L, Maynooth Gospel Choir and Acabella doing the honours. What’s stopping you?!

Apple-loving Stephen Fry on iPhone 4. Blog post entitled ‘A Welcome and a Warning‘.

Dolly Mix 22.06.10 – Paddy Games, Tour de Picnic, eCSStender

Just when you thought sillyness had left our shores for another summer, the Paddy Games comes along. It takes place on August 14th in Cork city and is open for registration.

The common man’s games, Paddy Games founding principle is taking silliness very seriously.

Events include Retro Running (i.e. Backwards running), Irish Dancing Hurdles and Mobile Phone throwing.

Fancy free entry to this year’s Electric Picnic in exchange with raising some cash for Temple Street Children’s Hospital? Check out the ‘Tour de Picnic‘ – essentially it’s a 90km charity cycle from Dublin to EP in Stradbally, Co. Laois. Raise €500 and you’re in. Info is available here.

The text shadow is becoming the glossy button effect of old in the web design world at the moment. More and more designers and developers are dabbling in the visual gems that CSS 3 affords despite the fact that CSS 2.1 spec has yet to be signed off. An article on A List Apart today highlights the dangers of ‘forking’ that this adoption of these proposes and offers the solution of a new JavaScript library called eCSStender.

I don’t know how I feel about this. While I agree that forking isn’t ideal I don’t think that loading pages with yet more JS libraries is the acceptable path to take either. What do you think? Will you be using eCSStender? Are you using CSS 2.1 and 3.0 properties yet?

Let’s break a world record at SPWC Dublin this weekend

They say pictures can paint a thousand words. I agree. The photo on the right sums up the awesomeness SPWC Cork perfectly! If you’d like to be similarly shocked, awed and amazed then you should get your ass into Merrion Square this weekend for the Dublin leg of the biggest yet Street Performance World Championships.

While you’re there (and speaking of asses) you might also fancy a go at getting into the Guinness Book of World Records. The SPWC crew and 1500 hopping mad people from all over come to take part in our attempt to break the world record for the most people on simultaneously hopping on space hoppers.

Up for it? Then just send your name and email to worldrecord@spwc.ie. It’s all happening on Sunday at 2pm on Upper Mount Street. More info available here.

Fire Guy

It’s going to be a super fun and busy weekend for kids of all ages, from 5 to 95. Bring your camera, maybe something to sit on and soak up the atmosphere in Merrion Square over the weekend. Full timetables and info on who’s performing is available on the blog at spwc.wordpress.com/dublin.

See you there!