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A lick of paint on the way

So I’ve finally got to the stage where I can’t look at this blog in its visually neglected state any longer.

I’ve been sketching, swatching and playing around with different ideas all working towards finally getting something I’m happy with up and running.

Now where did I leave that dodgy under construction GIF….?

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Turn, turn, turn…

The all important side breathingWeek 4, just beyond the halfway point and thankfully the instructor made the decision to let us carry on with whatever stroke seemed to come more naturally to each of us.

For me it’s front rowing. I’d love to get the hang of the breastroke but I’m sure it’ll come in good time once I’ve got one stroke figured out and manage to get to a point where I won’t drown myself.

This was a challenging and exhausting one, not just because of my fear of how my recent injury would react to chlorine (thankfully ok).  Like another piece of the puzzle emerging from the pile it started to click into place. Breathing was where I failed last time I tried to learn how to swim. I never got the hang of it and it in itself is the most important part of the thing.

I was told to “glide”on my side, arm outstretched, ear in the water and kicking like crazy to keep buoyant. This turning on my side and getting the notion of “gliding” into my head was the key piece of the puzzle. Not the most pleasant of things as it left me with some kind of an airlock/water stuck in my ear which was sore for a few days but definitely not as bad as the scraped arms!

I was then able to swim a couple of lengths in comfort with rhythmic breathing and feeling a lot more confident in the water. I was swimming!

Being away this weekend means no practice has been done which makes me a little worried so I’m throwing myself in for an hour tonight to try and cement what I learned.

Week 4 verdict: things are looking good, more practice needed to get my body position corrected & damn is this guy a good teacher!