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Beware of the pool noodles

Pool noodles - looking all fun and innocent

Lesson #3 and focus turned towards the breaststroke. Once upon a time I tried to learn this but couldn’t for the life of me get the hang of the frog-like leg kick.

And things weren’t hugely different this time around. The arm stroke wasn’t too bad and a far less tiring alternative to front rowing but once I try to combine the two it was a total disaster and I just sank.

So off I popped on Sunday to practice. All was going a bit meh until the pool emptied and I decided to take advantage and stay at it for another half hour. Some progress was made but all with the aid of what I now know is a “pool noodle“.

After an hour of effort I hit the shower with my trusty mint shower gel – one of the few things that kills the stink of chlorine. I almost screamed when I felt my armpits burning up. On inspection I discovered lovely big swollen red patches of skin along the underside of my arms, some of it broken where the noodle had been positioned to stop me sinking.

I had to bandage up before bed as I couldn’t bare it rubbing off bed clothes or PJs. It feels marginally better today but I’m afraid I might be able to take part in this weeks lesson as a result. Rats.

Week 3 verdict: crunch time is fast approaching, still hopeful but BEWARE OF THE NOODLES!

Rockport boots going to charity & a good home

In my recent run of seriously good fortune I won this pair of beautiful Rockport boots from Clery’s via their Facebook page. Sadly, being a girl who has destroyed her girly feet by wearing Converse too often they’re a smidge too high for me & essentially I look ridiculous trying to walk in them.

I’m heartbroken as they’re so very comfy and really lovely. However, they’re not much good to anyone sitting in a box in the spare room. So on Saturday I plan to drop then into a local charity shop in Dublin 2 in the hope of raising them some cash and seeing them go to a good home. I think Enable Ireland on Georges St is the nearest.

They’re in brown leather, a size UK 6 / EUR 39. Currently priced at €200 and the full spec here.

If anyone wants desperately wants to get their mits on them before then & I’m able to meet up and sort it out and such I’ll sell them on for €150 and donate the cash to a charity.

Dublin Bus status @ 16:50

Updated at 16:50 with the following from

Service Update: 16.30hours

Service Disruptions due to adverse weather conditions.

Wednesday 1st December 2010

Valid Dublin Bus tickets may be used on Irish Rail services.

Dublin Bus wish to advise that there is currently a limited bus service operating. This is due to extreme weather and icy road conditions. This is being further worsened by traffic ongestion and slow speeds across the city.

Dublin Bus is making every effort to maintain a level of services but this is proving very difficult due to the worsening road conditions.

A very limited service currently operating on Routes 7, 13, 15, 16, 19(northside Only) 20, 27, 31, 40, 41, 45, 46a, 65, 65b, 77, 102, 128, 140, 145, 150,

A very limited level of service operating to Tallaght, Ballyfermot, Howth, Malahide, Ballymun, Finglas,

No services currently on the Lucan Road, Blanchardstown, Ranelagh, Ballycullen.

Further updates to follow from Dublin Bus once information becomes available.

It’s taken about half an hour to load this page so in case you’re still hammering the site trying to get a response here’s the update I just pulled:

Updated 13:45

Dublin Bus wishes to advise customers that due to adverse weather conditions the diversions and curtailments listed below are in place.

Dublin Bus will make every effort possible to maintain services today, however this will be subject to road and weather conditions.  Dublin Bus is continuously monitoring road conditions with An Garda Siochana and the Local Authorities.

Routes Diversion
1 Operating as normal
2 Southbound, the Route is operating via the Strand Rd, Sydney Parade Ave to Merrion Rd.  Operate back via Merrion Gates, Strand Rd to Irishtown.  Unable to serve Sandymount Village or St John’s Church..
3 Northbound, operating via nutley Lane, Merrion Gates, Strand Rd, to Irishtown to the City.  Unable to serve Larkhill, operating on the Swords Road, terminating at Omni Shopping Centre.  Southbound, the Route is operating via the Strand Rd, Sydney Parade Ave.  Unable to serve Sandymount Village.
4 Terminating at Blackrock (Frascatti).  Unable to serve Stradbrook Rd.
5 Operating as normal
7 Unable to serve Loughlinstown, operating to Cherrywood only.  On the inbound journey, unable to serve Blackrock Village.
7a Unable to serve Mackintosh Park.  Terminating at Rochestown Ave (The Graduate Pub).
7b Operating as normal
7d Operating as normal
8 Operating as normal
11/a Operating as normal
11b Operating as normal
13/a Operating on the main Ballymun Road only, unable to serve Balbutcher, Sillogue, Coultry, Shangan, terminating as normal in IKEA..
14 Operating as normal
14a Unable to serve Milltown Road/Dropping Well , operating on Route 14.
15 Operating as normal
15a Operating as normal
15b Terminating at Taylor’s Lane
15e Operating as normal
15f Operating as normal
16 Operating as normal
16a Operating as normal
17 Operating as normal
17a Operating as normal
18 Terminating at RDS.
19 Unable to serve Tolka Estate.
19a Operating as normal
20b Terminating at Artane castle, unable to serve Maryfield Drive.
25 Operating as normal
25a Unable to serve Foxborough.
25b Unable to serve Foxborough.
25x Operating as normal
26 Operating as normal
27 Unable to serve the Loop through Darndale, operating on the Malahide Rd only.
27b Unable to serve Castletimon.  operating via Dundaniel Rd/Killbarron Rd.
27x Operating as normal
29a Unable to serve St Annes Estate
31 Terminating at Howth Harbour, unable to serve Hill of Howth.
31b Terminating at Howth Harbour, unable to serve Hill of Howth.
32/b Operating as normal
32a Operating as normal
32x Operating as normal
33 Operating as normal
33a Operating as normal
33b Terminating outside Portrane hospital, unable to access hospital grounds.
33d Operating as normal
33x Operating as normal
37 Unable to serve Skreen Road, Blackhorse Ave, operating on the current Route 39 routing.
38 Operating as normal
38a Operating as normal
39 Operating as normal
39a Operating as normal
40/a Unable to serve Finglas South, operating from N2 slip road and on to Mellowes Road.
40d Operating via Mellowes Road.  Unable to serve Finglas South, the corporate park or Tyrellstown outbound, Tyrellstown OK inbound.
41 Operating as normal
41b Unable to serve Rolestown.  Terminating in Swords Manor
41c Operating as normal
41x Operating as normal
42 Terminating at Sands Hotel, operating via Coast Rd only.  Unable to serve Wendel Ave or Seamount.
42a/b Unable to serve Edenmore, Harmondstown or McAuley, operating via Malahide Rd, terminating at Darndale Roundabout.
43 Operating as normal
44 Terminating in Kilternan. Unble to serve Enniskerry or Ballyogan.
44b Terminating at Blue Church, Kilternan.
45 Terminating at Bray Station.  Unable to serve Clonkeen Rd/Deans Grange Rd.  Operating via N11 to Mount Merrion Ave.
45a Terminating at Bray Station.  Unable to serve Killarney Lane.
46a Operating as normal
46e Operating as normal
47 Operating from Leopardstown roundabout only.
48a Operating as normal
49 Unable to serve Ballycullen, operating via Firhouse Rd and Firhouse Rd West.
49a Unable to serve Ballycullen, operating via Firhouse Rd and Firhouse Rd West.
50 Unable to serve Killinarden Estate, Mayberry Road or Kilnamanagh.
51 Operating as normal
51b Unable to serve Bawnogue, operating via Nangor Rd.  Unable to serve Woodford/Cherrywood, operating via Monastery Rd.
51c Unable to serve Woodford/Cherrywood, operating via Monastery Rd.
51d Operating as normal
51x Operating as normal
53 On North Quays only to/from The Point.
53a On North Quays only to/from The Point.
54a Unable to serve Fortfield Road, terminating at Marlfield Roundabout.
56/a Unable to serve Kingswood Heights.  Operating via Ballymount Road, Embankment Road and Belgard Road, terminating outside The Square, Tallaght.
59 Terminating in Dalkey, operating between Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire only.
63 Unable to serve Kilternan, Ballyogan Estate or Glenamuck, terminating at Cornelscourt.
65 Terminating at Blessington
65b Unable to serve Killinarden Estate.
66 Operating as normal
66a Unable to serve Captains Hill, operating to Lousia Bridge.
66b Operating as normal
66x Operating as normal
67 Operating as normal
67x Operating as normal
68 Unable to serve Baldonnel.
69 Operating as normal
69x Operating as normal
70 Operating as normal
74 Unable to serve Stocking Avenue or Upper Ballycullen Road, operating via Lower Ballycullen Rd, Killinney Rd and terminating at Scholarstown Road.
74a Unable to serve Stocking Avenue, terminating at Scholarstown Road.
75 Terminating outside The Square, Tallaght.
76 Unable to serve New Rd, Clondalkin.  Operating via Convent Rd/Fonthill Rd.  Terminating outside The Square, Tallaght.
76a Unable to serve New Rd, Clondalkin.  Operating via Convent Rd/Fonthill Rd.
76b Unable to serve New Rd, Clondalkin.  Operating via Convent Rd/Fonthill Rd.
77 Operating as normal
77a Operating as normal
77x Operating as normal
78/a Unable to serve Neillstown and Fonthill Road.  Operating from Power City to Liffey Valley.  Unable to serve Bridge St, Thomas St & Killmainham
79/a Operating on Ballyfermot Road to Cherry Orchard Hospital only. Unable to serve Decies Rd.
83 Operating via Rathgar, Terenure Road West, KCR and Kimmage Road to Sundrive Road and then back on to normal routing.
84 Terminating at Bray Station.
84x Terminating at Southern Cross Rd, unable to serve Newcastle, Kilcoole or Greystones
90 Operating as normal
102 Operating as normal
104 Operating as normal
111 Operating as normal
114 Operating to Kilcross only.
116 Operating as normal
118 Operating as normal
120 Unable to serve Dowth Ave, operating via Carnlough Rd (Route 122).
121 Unable to serve QuarryRoad, operating via Carnlough Rd (Route 122).  Unable to serve Francis St, operating via Patricks St.
122 Unable to serve Ashington, terminating on the Navan Rd at the Halfway House .
123 Unable to serve Marino, operating via Phillipsburgh Ave
128 Terminating at Clare Hall Rd (Donaghmede Roundabout), unable to serve Clongriffin.  Terminating at Kellys Corner, unable to serve Palmerston Park and Rathmines.
130 Terminating at Clontarf Depot, unable to serve Castle Ave.
140 Operating as normal
142 Operating as normal
145 Terminating at Bray Station.
150 Unable to serve Rossmore, terminating at Wellington Roundabout.
151 Not serving East Rd, terminating at Docklands Rail Station.
161 Unable to serve Whitechurch, operate via Taylor’s Lane
184 Cancelled
185 Cancelled.
210 Operating as normal
220 Unable to serve Finglas South.
236 Operating as normal
238 Unable to serve Tyrellstown.
239 Unable to serve Lucan Village, Operating via the bypass, M50.
270 Operating as normal
747 Operating as normal
748 Operating as normal

Customers can also visit for service updates from all major public transport operators and the National Roads Authority.

Dublin Bus would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.

Check the electoral register – deadline this Thursday

The dogs on the street know we’re going to be facing a general election in 2011.

I’m hoping that the silver lining to the horrible state Ireland finds itself in is that people will actually get out and exercise their right to vote when that time comes.

You have until this Thursday, November 25th to correct the register by filling out a Form RFA1 and returning it to your local city or county council.

You can check the register online at and find the form you’ll need to change it there too in PDF format.

O2 pricing doesn’t favour existing customers

*** Edit to post at 19:42 ***

@O2Forum said “Hi, the Silver upgrade price is the same as a New Customer joining with Advance 150, Gold is the same for Advance 350 etc”

So it would appear there’s a gap in pricing for anyone who wants to go from a Silver upgrade to an iPhone 4 on their Advance 350 plan. You’ll save €60 by buying the phone as a new customer rather than upgrading.

*** End edit ***

I’m in the process of deciding what phone to upgrade to and it’s looking increasingly likely I’ll go from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4 once I get the cash together.

While checking the pricing with my existing operator – O2 – I noticed that it’s somehow cheaper for me to purchase a 16GB iPhone 4 as a new customer rather than upgrade as an existing customer. €60 cheaper in my case.

Am I missing something here? Please point it out if I am but if I am correct in what I see being a bit strange I find that a bit crappy I’m afraid. I’ve been a customer with O2 for at least 7 years, the last 2 of which I’ve been a bill pay customer. Surely they should be dangling the carrot for me to at least equal the measure to which they’re dangling it for new customers?

I’ve never had any issues with O2 and up until now I’ve been reluctant to change operator.

O2 upgrade offer
O2 upgrade offer
O2 new customer offer
O2 new customer offer

Click for bigger. Prize if you can spot where I’m making a mistake.