Rockport boots going to charity & a good home

In my recent run of seriously good fortune I won this pair of beautiful Rockport boots from Clery’s via their Facebook page. Sadly, being a girl who has destroyed her girly feet by wearing Converse too often they’re a smidge too high for me & essentially I look ridiculous trying to walk in them.

I’m heartbroken as they’re so very comfy and really lovely. However, they’re not much good to anyone sitting in a box in the spare room. So on Saturday I plan to drop then into a local charity shop in Dublin 2 in the hope of raising them some cash and seeing them go to a good home. I think Enable Ireland on Georges St is the nearest.

They’re in brown leather, a size UK 6 / EUR 39. Currently priced at €200 and the full spec here.

If anyone wants desperately wants to get their mits on them before then & I’m able to meet up and sort it out and such I’ll sell them on for €150 and donate the cash to a charity.

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