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I’m Steph, a web designer & developer by trade with a passion for all things tech and positive user experiences both on and offline.

My latest hobby project is yay! where I’m one of a collaboration of writers as well as the designer and pixel bender.

I work as an Interactive Designer for X Communications, a web & digital media company in Dublin city centre. I’ve lived in Dublin for over 8 years but my roots lie in Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare. I am a bogger of the purest form having grown up on a dairy farm and taken great delight in running across the top of silage pits and hay bales as a young one for kicks.

I love design in all shapes and formats from architecture to industrial design to typography back to web stuff and lots in between.

I love music. I love theatre. I love dancing. I love fireside chats and walks on the beach – no, seriously, I do – I grew up on the coast. I love good food – if we’ve already met then that was a given, right?

I volunteer for a lot of different things, which some people find strange. I find that strange.

Find out where you can stalk me over here.

Get in touch by emailing me at steph@iamsteph.com.

I throw random finds up on my Tumblr blog as I roam the internet and my favourited tweets are being aggregated into the Irish Tweets tumblr blog.

Random fact: I like to dye part of my hair pink and I discovered there’s another Stephanie Francis in the world who does the same. Funny old world, eh?

Without you today’s emotions would be the scruf of yesterday’s

One thought on “About Steph”

  1. Steph,

    I was there this morning; I’d like to congratulate you on your great work! Wonderful cause.

    In fact, I was telling Nicola that my girlfriend’s mother used Dress For Success services when she was a single mother. So I their work for me is personal and quite emotional.

    FYI – kindcitizen will help Nocola get media exposure on news websites for free. It’s funded by brands. I’m bootstrapping the biz as I’m in the DIT Hothouse incubation center.

    I’m always interested in talking to developers (Modern day Magicians) who are emotinally invested in helping charities. Whenever you have time I’d like to share our vision with you to seek your perspective.

    I’m sure your at home asleep as I write this ‘-)




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