A Guinness/Paddy’s Day inspired earworm turned YouTube gold

Today I woke up with ear-worm and did what you do when you have one – shared it on Facebook:

“And I got such a long way to go.┬áTo make it to the border of Mexico…”

And got his in response from Paddy Dunne. Love. It.

Join me in the Guinness Storehouse for more amazing earworming tunes of the 80s on Paddy’s Day when Spring Break take to the stage. It’s going to rawk!

3 thoughts on “A Guinness/Paddy’s Day inspired earworm turned YouTube gold”

  1. I thought an earworm was a really rubbish annoying tune stuck in your head. Whereas music that sticks in your ear that you don’t mind being there is simply good music?

  2. Guess I get the same with the Music from The Sound of the Music. I don’t particularly hate it but jeez once you see that film it takes about 2 years to stop singing the songs every minute!

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