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Chocolate Festival in Temple Bar this weekend!

Chocolate Christmas in Temple BarYes indeed it’s that time of year again! Time to wrap up warm and tuck into some treats to keep out the winter chills. The annual Chocolate Festival is on in Temple Bar this weekend with a great mixture of events for big and small chocolate lovers.


  • Chocolate fair in Temple Bar Square – let’s call it a Chocolate Sunday!
  • Demos in truffle making for all ages
  • Movies galore with The Polar Express, Merci pour le chocolat, It’s A Wonderful Life and of course Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The full line-up for the weekend is on the TBCT website. Some events including the movies require booking so check out the website for info to avoid disappointment!

Absolut Fringe Beginners – tips for Fringe virgins

Over the last few days since Fringe kicked off I’ve heard something similar to this a number of times:

“I’ve always meant to go to something in the Fringe but I’ve no idea where to start.”

You could probably debate the reasons for this till the cows come home but in my opinion the Fringe programme is quite overwhelming. There’s over 100 different shows to choose from spread over 2 weeks – it’s a pretty big sweetshop. Last year was the first time I threw myself into Fringe and it has since become my favourite festival of the entire year.

I would love for even one person who has thought about going to a Fringe show for the first time to make the plunge and tell me what they think so here’s a few tips and pointers on catching some Fringe action over the next 10 days.

Book your tickets asap

Fringe booking opened a few weeks before the festival kicked off but booking really takes off once word gets out about what’s hot and what’s not. Once you’ve eyed up a show or 2, book them quick. You can do this online via

I’m up for a laugh.

Super. Then there’s plenty to choose from. The most chuckles I’ve had at Fringe so far has been at ‘Shane Byrne left his SLEEPING BAG in the car again…’ – funny, nostalgic, poignant in places and particularly entertaining if you were ever in Scouts. If it’s laugh-a-minute stuff you’re after, catch The Pyjama Men.

I’m up for a challenge.

Excellent. HEROIN is my favourite of all shows I’ve seen in Fringe so far. I have a quick review here. If you’re made of strong stuff then try Jerk. Based on a true story of serial murderers in the 1970s told in very graphic horrific detail through puppetry and guttural sound effects – stunning technique but prepare to be shocked.

I want something very now.

Of course the current economic climate makes it into the programme. Maybe try ‘We’re all in the gutter’ or ‘The Cappucino Culture‘ for boom aftermath insights from our new multicultural population.

I fancy something a bit out of the ordinary.

How about seeing a show in a crumbling Georgian mansion on Georges Street? Check out ‘From The Heart‘.

I’m broke.

Fret not – there’s a list of free events right here. Escape form the Dead Zoo is catching my eye in particular.

Tickets for Fringe shows usually average out around €15 which ain’t too bad at all. Take a punt on something. You might love it, you might hate it, but at least give it a go!

Sifting through the programme

What you might find easier is looking at what’s on day by day or by category, both available on The iPhone app is free to download and pretty handy too, especially the day by day guide and Google map integration of all the venues around town.

Hang on to your ticket(s) too for some really nice deals in eateries around the city, full list available here.

See you out there!

Need therapy?

Fear not! Group Therapy for One is happening in Dublin this coming Friday and Saturday ahead of a show at the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Win.

The official gist:

Shane’s a bit fucked up.

He wants you to be the witness at an inquest into his life.

With the softness of his mother, and the bravado of his father, he will tell you things he doesn’t want you to know.

Some say he’s comedy gold. Others think he’s self-indulgent. Why don’t you decide?

Group Therapy For One was first presented at the ABSOLUT Dublin Fringe Festival 2009, where it was performed in Shane’s family home and nominated for Spirit of The Fringe.

It was my favourite show of Absolut Fringe last year, my sketchy review is here if you fancy more info.

It’s different, it’s fun and it’s challenging.

Grab your tickets for the Friday show here and Saturday show here at City Arts Centre on Bachelor’s Walk – it’s a steal for a tenner. And maybe give them some Facebook love while you’re at it.

See you there.

Summer Sunday on the Square, Temple Bar

Fancy some free fun in town this Sunday? Well then head to Temple Bar for the last day of the Summer Sensational.

The main fun will be happening in Meeting House Square where they’ll be rolling out the green carpet (yes, the grassy sort!) so bring your picnic blanket and your shades (no harm being optimistic!) and get ready for :

It’s going to be a brilliant day. See you in there :)