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Labour – doing it right online

One example of how the Labour party have their heads screwed on and are doing sensible things online.

With the announcement of the upcoming general election on March 11th I decided to Google my constituency in the hope of getting a list of likely candidates in the area. I was skeptical I’d find anything useful other than possibly a Wikipedia entry. Here’s what I found ranked #5: - Dublin South East constituency details

Well done, Labour. I couldn’t have asked for more, could I? Not only have they listed all sitting TDs from all parties but also a list of all their people related to the constituency alongside a Google map of the area.

Nice work, keep it up.

Web jobs a-go-go

Over the last few days between talking to friends, my RSS and Twitter I’ve noticed a few job opportunities going in the online field including online marketing/community management, design, development, Flash programming etc.

Here’s the list in case you’re on the hunt:

Future of Web Design (FOWD) London 2010 is go

FOWD London launched a (beautiful) new website yesterday with details of the conference and workshops coming up at the event in May and tickets are on sale right now.

“Super-duper early bird” tickets were fantastic value starting at £235 but have been snapped up faster than you can say “jQuery”.

There’s still some “early bird” offers available starting at £470 (saving you about £200) so if you’re into it, get booking.

There’s a really great line-up across two different “tracks” including presentations and workshops from Dan Cederholm (Simple Bits),  Brendan Dawes (Magnetic North), Web Standardistas and Molly Holzschlag (

Topics to be covered include HTML5, CSS3 (implementation, graceful degradation, design), jQuery (essentials and advanced), Google Analytics, UX and usability, how to run a successful web design business and lots more in between.

Check the full details here, fingers crossed I might see you there in May.

Google Alerts to Google Spreadsheet

Damien mentioned at his Online PR workshop on Saturday that there was a way to capture Google Alerts in a spreadsheet rather than into your inbox. Handy, no? So I had a look into it. Below is the how-to.

Sorry about the image quality, not sure what WordPress is doing to my images :(#

1. Set up your Google Alert and be sure to select Feed from the Deliver to: dropdown list


2. Get your feed URL

Step 2

3. Create a new Google Spreadsheet in Google Docs, select a cell and select the Forumlas button. Choose Google from the category listing presented and then double-click on ImportFeed.


4. When you get the space to pop your info into, blank out what’s in between the brackets and add in your feed URL. Make sure it’s wrapped in double quotes or else it won’t work. Hit enter and away you go.

Step 4
Step 4