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Dolly Mix 25.02.10 – iMaxi, GoogleLabs & my doppelganger?

iMaxi on Etsy
So yeah, the iMaxi – it simply had to happen.

Some tools graduating and falling from Google Labs, one of the best ones to graduate is ‘Forgotten Attachment Detector‘.

All sorts of funny – Stephanie from LazyTown. From Wikipedia:

“Stephanie (played by Julianna Rose Mauriello)[1] is a fictional main character from the children’s television show LazyTown…She has pink hair and is often referred to as ‘Pinky’ by Trixie.”

Tutorial: ‘How to Pull Your Google Buzz with jQuery‘ – if that’s what you’re into.

Typography: lovely open source fonts from ‘The League of Moveable Type‘, thanks to Stu for the linky.

Google Alerts to Google Spreadsheet

Damien mentioned at his Online PR workshop on Saturday that there was a way to capture Google Alerts in a spreadsheet rather than into your inbox. Handy, no? So I had a look into it. Below is the how-to.

Sorry about the image quality, not sure what WordPress is doing to my images :(#

1. Set up your Google Alert and be sure to select Feed from the Deliver to: dropdown list


2. Get your feed URL

Step 2

3. Create a new Google Spreadsheet in Google Docs, select a cell and select the Forumlas button. Choose Google from the category listing presented and then double-click on ImportFeed.


4. When you get the space to pop your info into, blank out what’s in between the brackets and add in your feed URL. Make sure it’s wrapped in double quotes or else it won’t work. Hit enter and away you go.

Step 4
Step 4