eMobile – all a bit samey

So eircom’s eMobile launched today. Their homepage features a talking green-screened lady in a trenchcoat. She’s no Lucy Kennedy.

emobile homepage screenshot

bord gais the big switch homepage screenshot

The branding – the name, colours and typography – keeps reminding me of the competitiors, Three mobile. If I was entering such a competitive market I’d be trying to set myself apart.

8 thoughts on “eMobile – all a bit samey”

  1. e mobile … 3 mobile … even sounds the same :D

    really what on earth were they thinking with the trenchcoat … mafia .. strippers … inspector gadget ? Go Go emobile girl ?

    On a different note I kinda dislike their prepay pricing model / details very off putting to me

  2. Listen, when you manage to edit your WordPress Twentyten ( http://tyn.ie/44 ) theme a bit you’ll be in a far better position to criticise others about their designs all being ” all a bit samey”.

    You claim to be a web designer for God’s sake.

  3. Thanks for your comment Cormac.

    Struggling to see your point though I’m afraid. This is my personal blog, web designer or not. I don’t pretend that it’s anything special in terms of design – haven’t had time to do anything with it to be perfectly honest! I make no secret that I’m using Twenty Ten, which I recently changed from a lightly modified version of the Thematic default theme. It’s clean, simple and is fit for purpose.

    Like James says above – “e mobile … 3 mobile … even sounds the same” – I’m surprised and a bit worried that ‘eMobile’ doesn’t stand out from the crowd like it needs to in terms of naming and branding. I get that they’re trying to keep the brand tied into eircom and all that but the fact that it’s so similar again in how it sounds to 3 mobile will possibly cause problems.

  4. Struggling to see my point? OK, let’s apply it to another sector – you’re a chef criticising another chef’s fish dish, and yet in your own restaurant you’re serving the Cod in Batter you got in Beshoff’s.

  5. So essentially Cormac you’re saying that because I am using a default theme on my personal blog and the fact that I’m a web designer/developer by trade means I am not entitled to an opinion on branding and logo design?

  6. @Cormac I’ve rarely ever gotten my own blogs fixed up so they’ve always needed tweaks / improvements … hell I’ve barely even gotten my work site up and running :D

    I also fail to see your point … Steph isn’t looking for work here or trying to promote her own design skills … she’s commenting on a site design / lack of originality in what they’ve come up with … you’re attacking her design skills? would you not defend the emobile website if that is what you want to do rationally ?

  7. @ Steph – essentially what I’m saying is what I’ve said twice already – you’re a designer criticising a lack of creativity, when you yourself are guilty of lack of creativity. The medium (personal blog or not) you are using is irrelevant.

    James Larkin “she’s commenting on a site design / lack of originality in what they’ve come up with … you’re attacking her design skills?”

    I made no reference to her design skills.

  8. @Cormac fair enough … comparing someone’s use of the default theme for a personal site to the ability to comment on what I presume is a commercial branding / design project?

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