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Karen Millen - normally gorgeous, but...
Karen Millen - normally gorgeous, but...

Someone please explain to me where that weekend went to??? And while on the subject of the weekend, thank you thank you thank you to the man above and his posse for giving us the most glorious day on Sunday for the Dublin City Soul Festival & just the chance to wander happily around town & dine al fresco sans brolly.

I had the pleasure of meeting & hearing the gorgeous & talented Nell Bryden on Saturday afternoon – she will hopefully be appearing in an interview on a blog near you before long. Be sure to check out her new album & if you’re in Dublin on June 30th, you could do a lot worse than go hear the lady live in Whelans. Amazing voice, great energy will make for a fantastic gig.

Stuff on this week(end) include SweetTalk, Connector 10Volvo Ocean Race in Galway, The Cat Laughs in Kilkenny and most importantly, Pat Kenny’s last gig as presenter of the Late Late Show on Friday night (yeah clear your diaries lads, break out the bubbly). Will he get a Harley? I f*cking hope not. 

SPWC are looking for volunteers to help out with the festival when it hits Cork city on June 13th & 14th and then Dublin from June 18th – 21st. Check out the blog for all the info.

In a bit of a rule-breaking departure (excused by the puntastic opportunity & fact that it’s raising money for a great cause), I’ll be pushing Darragh’s parachute jump as part of the Tuesday Push. It’s on Saturday down in Offaly & he’ll be jumping 13,000 ft to help raise some cash for Care Local

And finally, can someone please explain to what the heck Karen Millen was drinkin/smoking when she decided that this frock was a good idea. As another bemused passer-by on Grafton St said “what are you meant to do when you want to sit down?”. The mind boggles.

Twitter usability fail

Twitter fail
Twitter fail
Someone please tell me why Twitter thought it was a good idea to put the ‘Accept’ button right on top of the ‘Block username’ link on their web interface?

It’s caught me out on more than one occasion and to this day I still haven’t figured out how to ‘unblock’ a user. 

Dear Twitter, please fix! In fact, I’ll do the work & give it to you for free, just stick this line into your CSS, you don’t even have to touch your HTML as it’s already being referenced!!!


The update:

#follow-requests .follow-request .right-box .block-link { padding:12px;}
#follow-requests .follow-request .right-box .block-link:link, #follow-requests .follow-request .right-box .block-link:active, #follow-requests .follow-request .right-box .block-link:visited { color:red; text-decoration:none;}
#follow-requests .follow-request .right-box .block-link:hover { color:red; text-decoration:underline;}


Hypertext bento box

Handy icon set
Some icons from 'Handy' icon set

So here we are, 1st of May, first ‘proper’ bank holiday of the year already upon us. Anyone else scared/shocked at how quick the year is passing?

A businessman in the UK by the name of Mr.Hindley has bought the cottage featured in Withnail & I and promised to restore it for fans of the film – awesome!

‘Handy’ icon set free for personal & commercial use at Webdesigner Depot

If I haven’t spammed you already, X Communications are now Facebook-ing here.

Future of Web Design is currently on in London & the very talented Sabrina Dent was up yesterday giving her talk ‘Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window: The Stalinist Web Design Model’. She’s back blogging again which is awesome & has a post up about her FOWD experience.

Some messing on Culch.ie yesterday has resulted in the launch of a new campaign site.

I’m off to Cork tomorrow to soak up the delights of the 55th Cork International Choral Festival. I’m planning to meet some of the organisers to find out more about the history of the festival & chat about getting the event out into the great wide interweb next year with blogging & all sorts of madness. If you’re about Cork over the next few days & are free for a coffee, drop me a tweet or an email or if you have my number that works too!

Song for the day is Did Ye Get Healed by Van Morrison, have a listen & get yer fingers clickin’: http://blip.fm/~5c2cu

Happy long weekend tout le monde :)

‘How Much Is It On Amazon?’ new iPhone app

How Much Is It On Amazon?

How Much Is It On Amazon?
Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with developer Dave O’Reilly last week & he showed myself and few of the X Comms crew his iPhone app called ‘How Much Is It On Amazon?’.

Essentially, it’s an app that plugs into the Amazon web service to give you instant prices on anything that’s for sale on the site with the option of purchasing as you would on the Amazon site itself, read customer reviews & find out more info on products.

Link to the app in the iTunes store. A welcome departure from the sea of crazy useless muck that’s in the app store these days & one I’ll be popping on the iPhone for sure. I’m waiting on Dave to give me a link or email or somewhere to send feedback & correspondance, will post it when I have it.

Happy bargain hunting!