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Qik comes to iPhone 2G & 3G

The Qik newsletter dropped into my inbox this morning with news of the release of the long-awaited Qik Videocamera iPhone app which brings video recording functionality to the iPhone 2G and 3G handsets.

Future improvements promised by Qik include video uploading and sharing from the app but for now it’s just simple recording video files transferable via your iPhone cable.

Here’s my first test from this morning, something funky seems to have happened during upload to Vimeo…

Snow in Dublin 2 from Stephanie Francis on Vimeo.

Cork International Choral Festival 2010

The 56th annual Cork International Choral Festival is taking place next year from April 28th to May 2nd.

The programme of gala concerts has just been announced and includes:

  • Gala Opening Concert – Fleischmann Choir, Cork School of Music Symphony Orchestra and the Dachau Liedertafel Choir present Gala Fleischmann Concert
  • National Chamber Choir of Ireland
  • Anúna
  • Fleischmann International Trophy Competition
  • Closing Gala Concert

12 choirs have been selected from around the world to participate in the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy Competition. Finland, Germany, Japan, Singapore, The Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Philippines and Ireland will all be represented.

If you and your choir want to take part in National Competitions, you’ve got until January 31st to submit your application – all the info is here.

Looking forward to it already!

Flood victims – we need to help!

Imagine this is your house:

Via Irish Independent
Via Irish Independent

Or this was the view from your front hallway:

Photo by @Mediaflash
Photo by @Mediaflash

I’ve been listening to the radio on and off all week hearing reports of continued bad weather, the entire Shannon being in a state of flood, bridges and roads being closed, towns, villages and cities all but shutting down completely. I’ve had more calls from my dad in Clare this week than I’ve had all month he’s so shocked at the state of things around him in the west.

It’s almost impossible to get your head around the damage that’s been done since this time last week. Listening to victims during the week talk about how they have had to split their families up and divide children between relations, to others talk about the stench of waste, rotting food and sewage in homes and streets, to people searching somewhere to rent to simply have a roof over their heads was really shocking.

What shocks me further is the apparent lack of support for these hundreds of people. The government have pledged an initial €10m fund (subject to means testing). Some say it’s not nearly enough, some say they can’t wait for means testing.

I remember the fantastic fund-raising that was done all around the country in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. Why hasn’t there been the same response to our own neighbours? Is it the recession? Is it a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’? Or do people just not realise how bad it is in areas like Ballinasloe, Claregalway and towns along the Shannon?

Let’s help them out!

Newstalk have set up a flood victims fund account with AIB. If you go into any AIB branch you should be able to make a donation to the account which has the sort code 93.10.12.

Saint Vincent de Paul and the Irish Red Cross are also accepting donations, be they financial or materials like clothes, bed linen etc.

If anyone else knows of ways we can support those affected, leave a comment or drop me an email and I’ll list it on a new page.

There’s only 4 weeks until Xmas eve – at the very least, let’s try and give the families some comfort for the holidays or some hope for the time ahead – things are in a dark enough state as it is.

Caherlea, Co.Galway via Irish Independent
Caherlea, Co.Galway via Irish Independent
Parteen Weir, Co.Clare via Limerick News Wire
Parteen Weir, Co.Clare via Limerick News Wire


250,000 public servants from various unions are out on strike today including teachers, Gardai, hospital staff, courts staff, prison staff and others.

The Irish Times is reporting how the ASTI are defending their 90-minute picket this morning.

From AA Roadwatch just now:

*MAIN TRAFFIC* *A1/DOWN* Approaching Newry on the A1 there are reports of approx 6km delays from the Dublin side.

* M50 northbound traffic is busy but moving at J5 Finglas and J4 Ballymun off ramps. (That’s Ikea for those who don’t know.)