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Dolly Mix 02.04.10 – Trim Balloon Fiesta, Business Boot Camp & pretty things

My mug by Allan Cavanagh

The Trim Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is on over the Easter bank holiday. I just love it, particularly the ‘special shape balloons’ and the ‘Night Glow’ event on Saturday night. Fingers crossed the weather improves for all involved!

The supremely talented Sabrina Dent is offering a Business Boot Camp service that sounds excellent and is ridiculously good value. Get booking.

So Dublin City Council are going ahead with the idea of renaming Archbishop Ryan Park (that’s Merrion Square to you and I). Panti has the info on how to get involved and an excellent suggestion on her blog.

Snaps for Stu who shared a link to a gorgeous wee font called Brownstone earlier. I’m also loving Boucle this week.

The name Pat Butcher has a whole new meaning for me today on Pat Phelan’s blog.

Thank you to Allan Cavanagh for the cool caricatures.

Dolly mixture of links for lunch

Yahoo! Pipes – looks like great fun to play with & a tasty way of customising your RSS feeds for specific info.

The stage adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption goes into rehearsal today, looking forward to seeing it next month at The Gaeity.

Dairy farmers are due to protest in Kilkenny city today against the cut in milk price from Glanbia. The (disgusting) 20 cent per litre being offered is 7 cent below the price needed for dairy farmers to break even. 

I’m currently trying to find the best & most reliable way to install IE8 on my computer without overwriting IE7 and other previous standalone versions. Apparently IE8 doesn’t sit happy with sIFR’s javascript library so if you use it on your websites, might want to check it out in IE8 :(

And here’s a wee video with a 360 of the lovely shoreline at home that I stumbled upon last night. My do I sound like a bogger when I get going!

On the shoreline from Stephanie Francis on Vimeo.