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5 things I learned today

In no particular order…

  • Virginia Agricultural Show (Cavan) is 68 years old, has over 400 judging classes and €50,000 prize money up for grabs
  • Damien has a chocolate allergy but can handle the lower cocoa value stuff
  • You can do the local lotto for many GAA clubs in Ireland online at locallotto.ie
  • Microsoft will support IE6 until 2014
  • Gmail has been putting a lot of genuine emails into the Spam folder lately and it is rather annoying

Dunnes Stores get their garlic from China

Garlic from China
Garlic from China

I like to buy Irish if I can, especially when it comes to food stuffs. My dad is a dairy farmer & from that background alone I have an appreciation of the importance of supporting local food producers. Ireland produces some fantastic food from beef to cheese and all sorts in besides. This and the fact that one of Ireland’s biggest retailers, Dunnes Stores, have been advertising with the slogan “the difference is, we’re Irish” for the past while has irked me on examination of some of my purchases there recently.

Garlic comes from China. Mangetout (which I had to chuck due to some kind of caterpillar having made the journey within) came from Kenya. Herbs came from Thailand. I wouldn’t have questioned the origin of the garlic in particular had it not been for the awful quality of it.

I’m not naive enough to expect or presume that because Dunnes Stores is an Irish retailer using “Irishness” as a means of attracting Irish consumers that they should stock only Irish goods. It’s impossible. But I can’t help but question why more fresh products such as the ones specified above are not of Irish origin. Is it really cheaper & easier to ship the stuff from the other side of the earth? Is it all down to seasonal availability?

Good vs. Evil
Good vs. Evil

Farmers markets have taken off around the country in the last few years including in my hometown of Ballyvaughan and on a whole they appear to be thriving. It’s of fantastic benefit to all involved – the producers, the consumers and the community. There’s a list of all the Farmers Markets here on the Bord Bia website. If you haven’t been before then I’d say give it a try & you’ll probably never want to set foot in Dunnes, Tesco or M&S ever again.

Dolly mixture of links for lunch

Yahoo! Pipes – looks like great fun to play with & a tasty way of customising your RSS feeds for specific info.

The stage adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption goes into rehearsal today, looking forward to seeing it next month at The Gaeity.

Dairy farmers are due to protest in Kilkenny city today against the cut in milk price from Glanbia. The (disgusting) 20 cent per litre being offered is 7 cent below the price needed for dairy farmers to break even. 

I’m currently trying to find the best & most reliable way to install IE8 on my computer without overwriting IE7 and other previous standalone versions. Apparently IE8 doesn’t sit happy with sIFR’s javascript library so if you use it on your websites, might want to check it out in IE8 :(

And here’s a wee video with a 360 of the lovely shoreline at home that I stumbled upon last night. My do I sound like a bogger when I get going!

On the shoreline from Stephanie Francis on Vimeo.