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Awards – are they worth the effort or the perspex they’re engraved on?

Spurred by Darragh’s post on how the Golden Spiders people are looking for feedback on their event ahead of this year’s gong-giving, I want to ask a few questions about the value of web awards ceremonies.

Ireland is a small country. The web industry – in my mind – is a small industry within this small country. Proportionally I think we’ve got quite a lot of gongs going for digital media. Off the top of my head here’s the ones I can think of:

  • Irish Web Awards
  • IIA Net Visionary Awards
  • Irish eGovernment Awards
  • ICAD Awards
  • Digital Media Awards
  • Golden Spiders
  • IDI Awards

Aside from the recognition by your peers and the nice warm fuzzy feeling that you get from having your work given the thumbs up I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced other benefits as a result of winning or being nominated for an award?

Does it help you to win clients?

Does it raise your profile?

Does it open up new opportunities?

Do you advertise the fact that you have been nominated for/won awards?

I’d love to know what you’ve experienced.

Dolly Mix 02.04.10 – Trim Balloon Fiesta, Business Boot Camp & pretty things

My mug by Allan Cavanagh

The Trim Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is on over the Easter bank holiday. I just love it, particularly the ‘special shape balloons’ and the ‘Night Glow’ event on Saturday night. Fingers crossed the weather improves for all involved!

The supremely talented Sabrina Dent is offering a Business Boot Camp service that sounds excellent and is ridiculously good value. Get booking.

So Dublin City Council are going ahead with the idea of renaming Archbishop Ryan Park (that’s Merrion Square to you and I). Panti has the info on how to get involved and an excellent suggestion on her blog.

Snaps for Stu who shared a link to a gorgeous wee font called Brownstone earlier. I’m also loving Boucle this week.

The name Pat Butcher has a whole new meaning for me today on Pat Phelan’s blog.

Thank you to Allan Cavanagh for the cool caricatures.

Dolly Mixture 05.01.10

Quite proud that this shot made Pix.ie’s longlist for 2009 Photo of the Year. I took it with my compact while cursing and dreaming of a Canon 450D. Hopefully that dream will become reality this year.

2FM has a new schedule and Rick is slotted in from 12 till 3. So far so good, velvety voice.

The first Irish Stew Championships hits Sligo this March as part of the ‘SÓ Sligo‘ festival.

Andy Clarke on why ignorance is bliss and continues to sing the praises of designing ‘in the browser’.

I want to learn to dance this year. Just no idea what type. Dance Ireland kick off all sorts of lessons this month.

Mr. Mulley is giving an workshop in Online PR on Jan 23.

Got a good business development and online head on you? Come work at X Communications.