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Awards – are they worth the effort or the perspex they’re engraved on?

Spurred by Darragh’s post on how the Golden Spiders people are looking for feedback on their event ahead of this year’s gong-giving, I want to ask a few questions about the value of web awards ceremonies.

Ireland is a small country. The web industry – in my mind – is a small industry within this small country. Proportionally I think we’ve got quite a lot of gongs going for digital media. Off the top of my head here’s the ones I can think of:

  • Irish Web Awards
  • IIA Net Visionary Awards
  • Irish eGovernment Awards
  • ICAD Awards
  • Digital Media Awards
  • Golden Spiders
  • IDI Awards

Aside from the recognition by your peers and the nice warm fuzzy feeling that you get from having your work given the thumbs up I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced other benefits as a result of winning or being nominated for an award?

Does it help you to win clients?

Does it raise your profile?

Does it open up new opportunities?

Do you advertise the fact that you have been nominated for/won awards?

I’d love to know what you’ve experienced.

Junior Spider Awards

I just heard an ad for the brand spanking new Junior Spider Awards on Today FM and so to the Google machine I went to find out more, quite skeptical about what I might find.

I’m happy to say that any cynicism or dread felt at the idea of the Golden Spiders spawning babies has been quelled. Well, for the moment anyway. Here’s the skinny:

What are the Junior Spiders?

“The eircom Junior Spider Awards were established as a parallel programme for students at primary and post primary school level. The idea was originated by Business & Finance, working closely with main sponsors eircom.” [via]

The important stuff

  • It’s free to enter
  • The closing date is November 6th 2009
  • The shortlist will be announced on 30th November and winners announced on December 18th


  • Primary students
    • 1st place winner receives a trophy and €200
    • 2nd place winner receives a winners’ certificate
    • 3rd place winner receives a winners’ certificate
    • All entries receive a participants’ certificate including teachers
  • Post-primary students
    • 1st place winner receives a trophy and €300
    • 2nd place winner receives a winners’ certificate
    • 3rd place winner receives a winners’ certificate
    • All entries receive a participants’ certificate including teachers


  • Primary & Post-primary schools:
  1. Best concept (website/application )
  2. Best Online content (including websites, blog, podcasts, Social Networks )
  3. Best website design & functionality
  4. Best educational website
  5. An suíomh no spas ar an idirlíon is fearr as Gaeilge
  • Post Primary students only:
  1. Best web application
  2. Watch your space award
  • Overall (both Primary and Post-primary):
  1. Best teacher contribution (web/internet)
  2. Grand prix

You can find out who the judges are, what the judging criteria are and everything else under the sun about the Junior Web Awards at juniorspiders.ie. They’re also on Twitter as @juniorspiders.

Princess Bride night, Dublin Fringe Festival 09 and awards season

So tonight is Princess Bride night – watch and chat about the movie at Screencheck at Spy from 7 with yummy cupcakes, wine and cocktails on the cheap. Nom. The liveblog is all set to go here and if you’re partaking in the discussion via Twitter the hashtag is #asyouwish

I popped in briefly to the launch of the Dublin Fringe Festival 09 last evening – my was it a lively event! Still sifting through the packed programme of events to see what I might get to see but first impressions are awesome. Check the site for all the info you need and keep an eye on culch.ie for extra nuggets.

Autumn is creeping upon us ever gradually and with it comes the usual flux of awards events for the design world. While it’s a little quieter this year with the IIA Net Visionaries moved to the month of May as of this year, there’s still plenty opportunity to try your hand at getting something tasty for over the fireplace. The IDI Awards and Irish Web Awards are accepting nominations till the end of the month. The Golden unmentionables are taking place also and still charging ridiculous amounts for seats at the awards ceremony (€300 per head) and a saucy €150 per nomination. Stick with either of the previous I think.

Irish Web Awards 09 is on!


The superbly awesome Irish Web Awards are happening on October 10th at the lovely Radisson SAS on Golden Lane, Dubln 2. They’re on Twitter n all!

Although I’ll probably be murdered, thanks @IrishWebAwards for re-introducing me to someone awesome at #iwa08 that I now love lots like Jelly Tots.

It’s gonna rock :)

Ooh look, nominations now open at http://awards.ie/webawards/nominations/