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Lunchtime linkage

Keeva Hurley, GSGC. Photo by Paul May.
Keeva Hurley, GSGC. Photo by Paul May.

So much blogging to catch up on both here and on Culch.ie will probably be burning the midnight oil tonight. Here’s a start:

  • Gardiner Street Gospel Choir were off the scale brilliant on Saturday night at The Helix, DCU. Everyone I went with and spoke to seemed to be on a buzz after it. Amazing show & fair play to them for doing their weekly gig in St. Francis Xavier’s Church the following evening – can’t have been easy! Well done to all involved, major blog post to come including MP3s of the gig. Paul May has some great shots of the guys n gals on Flickr.
  • Delorentos are offering up a free MP3 of ‘You Can Make Soundover here.
  • Curious Wines are supporting a great cause – donate to Lesley adn Will’s fund and you’re in a draw for a whopping €110 worth of tasty vino. These guys are cycling 300km for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Wow.
  • Damien has a short, sweet &  awesome post on online interaction.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman toys with the idea of a NSFW HTML tag in HTML 5.
  • TypeDrawing is my latest favourite funtime iPhone app. Check the Flickr group out for fruits of users’ efforts.
  • Smashing Magazine has some more excellent free fonts compiled.
  • Darragh talks about the set of the latest production at The Abbey over on Culch.ie – as he says photos really don’t do it justice, it’s almost worth going along to The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant just for the set alone.

What’s goin’ on?

A few happening things floated into my radar range that I would like to share with you:

Gardiner Street Gospel Choir at The Helix this weekend, can’t wait!

Galway Arts Festival programme announced, website leaves a lot to be desired unfortunately :/

GAF is always followed by the Galway Races, who knows this may be my first year attending the famed festival!

June 10th is the final sign-up date for the Tour de Burren, which is part of the An Post Cycle Series. It promises to be a fab weekend with 3 different routes to choose from through some of the most wonderfuly scenery in the country. Register online here.

Jason is asking you to put your name down for another installment of the awesome BTW (Blogger, Twitter, Whatever) which is happening on Thusday 11th of June. See you there!

There’s a mega range of stars n starlets playing the Live at the Marquee do this summer in Cork, from Josh Ritter to Rod Stewart to Lady Gaga to Gilbert O’Sullivan and everything in between (which is pretty much everything).

Tickets for Muse @ The O2, Dublin this November are on sale on Friday morning via Ticketmaster. It’s going to rock & I shall see thee up the front as the cool kids say.  If you don’t know who or what I’m on about I suggest you listen to this gorgeous delight (give it time, tis a slow starter but SO worth it):

and then Bliss:

Lunchtime linkage

No.1 the day I was born
No.1 the day I was born
Oldie but goodie: what was #1 the day you were born? For me it’s ‘Band Aid: Do They Know It’s Christmas’. Can you top that? Leave yours in a comment & we’ll see :)

Stu’s ‘Songs Reimagined As Alert Boxes’ is currently at #3 in the Infectious chart & closing in on the #2 spot.

Cork boy Mark Hayes (brother to colleague Darren) is cracking me up with his blogging from L.A.

Tickets are on sale for the fabulous Gardiner Street Gospel Choir gig at The Helix, DCU on June 6th. Highly recommend going along, amazing bunch of singers & musicians – you’ll leave grinning ear to ear with a smile in your heart :)

And finally, I’m handing in my iPhone to be sent off to some foreign land to be hopefully fixed. In the meantime, Stu has kindly allowed me to borrow & unlock an N95 he had spare. I can’t get texts sending from it, everything else working fine so if you can shed any light on it I’ll buy you a pint or something suitably rewarding!

Blogger Twitter Whatever hits Cork today



Jason is taking the BTW event to Cork today at the Boardwalk Bar & Grill at 6pm. I was at the last one in Dublin and it was a fantastic informal meetup of a great mix of people from various walks of the online world most of whom I probably wouldn’t have met ‘offline’ otherwise.

There’s some tasty badges on offer too if you need further reason to attend :) Would love to have been there but Cork will have its’ claim over me next weekend instead for the International Choral Festival which I will be posting about later on. Directions for how to get there. Have a great evening all!