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Floating…just about

Photograph of 2 dolphins underwater
By Arnaud 25 (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
Last evening I began the challenge of learning how to swim.

This is attempt #2 for me, attempt #1 of my adult life.

In short, it was a success – I didn’t freak out, didn’t panic and most importantly didn’t drown. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. I think it was a combination of the small class size, not facing it alone and my brain’s love of learning new skills that I might actually be able to master.

My fellow fish-in-training described me as a dolphin but I’m afraid myself and Fungi are still world’s apart! I’ve almost got to grips with the “dead man’s float” and faced with the challenge of learning how to breathe in the water (my downfall on attempt #1).

Week 1 verdict: it won’t be easy but I’m optimistic and relishing the challenge ahead.

Resolutions, hopes & facing fears


Nearly 2 weeks into the new year and the cobwebs are finally being shaken off and new routines are in the early days of being forged.

For starters I’m out of the 12 hour sleep routine I fell into at Xmas. I just don’t run well on over-sleeping, it’s like a hangover after one too many G & Ts. So out with that and in with an early start.

The snow and ice of December made going to the gym both tricky and less attractive and as a result I ended up going maybe 3 times. The lapse made going back all the more daunting and painful. But it’s a start and I’m dangling a couple of nice carrots in the distance to try keep up the momentum.

As part of my resolution to upskill in as many ways as I can I’m tackling a skill that I have failed to conquer before. Swimming. I grew up by the sea and took lessons when I was 12 but unfortunately didn’t grasp it. I am petrified at the prospect of it and almost as jelly-legged at the prospect of getting into a swimsuit. I wouldn’t be surprised if I bail after the first one but hopefully not doing it alone will lessen the odds.

So far not so bad I guess for the early days of 2011. Fingers crosses the enthusiasm keeps up for at least as long as it takes to turn these changes into habits :-)

How are you doing?

Hello & welcome 2011

innocent AGM - one of the awesome memories of 2010
innocent AGM - one of the awesome memories of 2010

It’s been a mad few weeks rounding up a pretty busy year.

I started last year making a decision not to make any resolutions and I’m surprised to say I genuinely regret it. It might be a cliché but I’m going to make a list of things I want to achieve or experience before the year is out and do my best to see them through.

That’s not to say that 2010 was a downer or anything! Far from it! It was interesting to see how things went without a plan or any particular aims but I’m a girl who loves a to-do list and I think I’ll get more out of the year with a bit of shape on it. 2010 was also the first year in a long time that I didn’t bother with a physical diary – not such a great move either it turns out so I’ve canned that and purchased a trusty Moleskine.

2010 has been big. There’s been the odd bump in the road but mostly it’s been a wonderful year that I’m really grateful for. I’ve met some great people, made some super friends and moved in with my best one which is simply brilliant.

2011 will be tough going for a lot of us as Ireland continues its phenomenal tailspin but I’m going to give it a good run for its money – who’s with me?

Bon anniversaire, la France!

Annecy, France
Annecy, France

I love France. I say this having only set foot in the lovely country once but rather than call my love naive, hear me out.

I love France for:

  • Cheese – the stinkier the better and boy do they make it good and stinky
  • Wine & champagne – enough said
  • Food and cooking – their love for it, their enjoyment of it and what they’ve given to the world as a result
  • The language
  • Style and elegance
  • My favourite perfume
  • The countryside
  • The charming old cities
  • Artists, Monet’s work in particular has always made me smile
  • Giving Jacques Brel a career in music
  • Amélie
  • A healthy sense of national pride

Most of all I love France for the fabulous image it has portrayed of itself for me. Maybe that will shatter some day and my dream of running a cutesy little restaurant in a small village in my retirement there will shatter into a million pieces.

For now, I salute you France. Hopefully see you again soon et bon anniversaire!

Awards – are they worth the effort or the perspex they’re engraved on?

Spurred by Darragh’s post on how the Golden Spiders people are looking for feedback on their event ahead of this year’s gong-giving, I want to ask a few questions about the value of web awards ceremonies.

Ireland is a small country. The web industry – in my mind – is a small industry within this small country. Proportionally I think we’ve got quite a lot of gongs going for digital media. Off the top of my head here’s the ones I can think of:

  • Irish Web Awards
  • IIA Net Visionary Awards
  • Irish eGovernment Awards
  • ICAD Awards
  • Digital Media Awards
  • Golden Spiders
  • IDI Awards

Aside from the recognition by your peers and the nice warm fuzzy feeling that you get from having your work given the thumbs up I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced other benefits as a result of winning or being nominated for an award?

Does it help you to win clients?

Does it raise your profile?

Does it open up new opportunities?

Do you advertise the fact that you have been nominated for/won awards?

I’d love to know what you’ve experienced.