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Bon anniversaire, la France!

Annecy, France
Annecy, France

I love France. I say this having only set foot in the lovely country once but rather than call my love naive, hear me out.

I love France for:

  • Cheese – the stinkier the better and boy do they make it good and stinky
  • Wine & champagne – enough said
  • Food and cooking – their love for it, their enjoyment of it and what they’ve given to the world as a result
  • The language
  • Style and elegance
  • My favourite perfume
  • The countryside
  • The charming old cities
  • Artists, Monet’s work in particular has always made me smile
  • Giving Jacques Brel a career in music
  • Amélie
  • A healthy sense of national pride

Most of all I love France for the fabulous image it has portrayed of itself for me. Maybe that will shatter some day and my dream of running a cutesy little restaurant in a small village in my retirement there will shatter into a million pieces.

For now, I salute you France. Hopefully see you again soon et bon anniversaire!