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Anyone know where the reset button is?

Reset switchAnyone around me or unfortunate enough to keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know I’ve been under the weather lately and moaning about it. A lot. Coz I hate being sick.

It started as an annoying headcold about 3 weeks ago that just would’t shift which is out of character for me. This time last week it all got ickier with swollen tonsils threatening to morph into scarlet fever and feeling completely miserable.

A week on and coming to the end of a week’s supply of anti-biotics I’m still feeling quite manky. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken any so I guess I’ve forgotten what they do to a body but reckon it can’t be just down to that.

I knew I had veered off the tracks a little a few weeks back and swore I was going on a no junk no booze detox for the duration of Lent at least. Energy was lower, the headcold had arrived and my skin was going to the dogs. But now I’ve realised it’s simply got to happen.

Time to hit reset. My GP told me my immune system is pretty fried so that’s number 1 to get back on track. Time to start eating healthier, getting outdoors more and taking proper time out. In short a fairly substantial lifestyle revamp.

It won’t be easy but I’m going to give it my best shot and hopefully build myself up in all ways for Ken’s challenge of “30 days of home cooking” in April.

If anyone’s got any tips I’m all ears!

Resolutions, hopes & facing fears


Nearly 2 weeks into the new year and the cobwebs are finally being shaken off and new routines are in the early days of being forged.

For starters I’m out of the 12 hour sleep routine I fell into at Xmas. I just don’t run well on over-sleeping, it’s like a hangover after one too many G & Ts. So out with that and in with an early start.

The snow and ice of December made going to the gym both tricky and less attractive and as a result I ended up going maybe 3 times. The lapse made going back all the more daunting and painful. But it’s a start and I’m dangling a couple of nice carrots in the distance to try keep up the momentum.

As part of my resolution to upskill in as many ways as I can I’m tackling a skill that I have failed to conquer before. Swimming. I grew up by the sea and took lessons when I was 12 but unfortunately didn’t grasp it. I am petrified at the prospect of it and almost as jelly-legged at the prospect of getting into a swimsuit. I wouldn’t be surprised if I bail after the first one but hopefully not doing it alone will lessen the odds.

So far not so bad I guess for the early days of 2011. Fingers crosses the enthusiasm keeps up for at least as long as it takes to turn these changes into habits :-)

How are you doing?