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Hello & welcome 2011

innocent AGM - one of the awesome memories of 2010
innocent AGM - one of the awesome memories of 2010

It’s been a mad few weeks rounding up a pretty busy year.

I started last year making a decision not to make any resolutions and I’m surprised to say I genuinely regret it. It might be a cliché but I’m going to make a list of things I want to achieve or experience before the year is out and do my best to see them through.

That’s not to say that 2010 was a downer or anything! Far from it! It was interesting to see how things went without a plan or any particular aims but I’m a girl who loves a to-do list and I think I’ll get more out of the year with a bit of shape on it. 2010 was also the first year in a long time that I didn’t bother with a physical diary – not such a great move either it turns out so I’ve canned that and purchased a trusty Moleskine.

2010 has been big. There’s been the odd bump in the road but mostly it’s been a wonderful year that I’m really grateful for. I’ve met some great people, made some super friends and moved in with my best one which is simply brilliant.

2011 will be tough going for a lot of us as Ireland continues its phenomenal tailspin but I’m going to give it a good run for its money – who’s with me?