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Lunchtime linkage

Keeva Hurley, GSGC. Photo by Paul May.
Keeva Hurley, GSGC. Photo by Paul May.

So much blogging to catch up on both here and on Culch.ie will probably be burning the midnight oil tonight. Here’s a start:

  • Gardiner Street Gospel Choir were off the scale brilliant on Saturday night at The Helix, DCU. Everyone I went with and spoke to seemed to be on a buzz after it. Amazing show & fair play to them for doing their weekly gig in St. Francis Xavier’s Church the following evening – can’t have been easy! Well done to all involved, major blog post to come including MP3s of the gig. Paul May has some great shots of the guys n gals on Flickr.
  • Delorentos are offering up a free MP3 of ‘You Can Make Soundover here.
  • Curious Wines are supporting a great cause – donate to Lesley adn Will’s fund and you’re in a draw for a whopping €110 worth of tasty vino. These guys are cycling 300km for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Wow.
  • Damien has a short, sweet &  awesome post on online interaction.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman toys with the idea of a NSFW HTML tag in HTML 5.
  • TypeDrawing is my latest favourite funtime iPhone app. Check the Flickr group out for fruits of users’ efforts.
  • Smashing Magazine has some more excellent free fonts compiled.
  • Darragh talks about the set of the latest production at The Abbey over on Culch.ie – as he says photos really don’t do it justice, it’s almost worth going along to The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant just for the set alone.

Randomness from my universe

Karen Millen - normally gorgeous, but...
Karen Millen - normally gorgeous, but...

Someone please explain to me where that weekend went to??? And while on the subject of the weekend, thank you thank you thank you to the man above and his posse for giving us the most glorious day on Sunday for the Dublin City Soul Festival & just the chance to wander happily around town & dine al fresco sans brolly.

I had the pleasure of meeting & hearing the gorgeous & talented Nell Bryden on Saturday afternoon – she will hopefully be appearing in an interview on a blog near you before long. Be sure to check out her new album & if you’re in Dublin on June 30th, you could do a lot worse than go hear the lady live in Whelans. Amazing voice, great energy will make for a fantastic gig.

Stuff on this week(end) include SweetTalk, Connector 10Volvo Ocean Race in Galway, The Cat Laughs in Kilkenny and most importantly, Pat Kenny’s last gig as presenter of the Late Late Show on Friday night (yeah clear your diaries lads, break out the bubbly). Will he get a Harley? I f*cking hope not. 

SPWC are looking for volunteers to help out with the festival when it hits Cork city on June 13th & 14th and then Dublin from June 18th – 21st. Check out the blog for all the info.

In a bit of a rule-breaking departure (excused by the puntastic opportunity & fact that it’s raising money for a great cause), I’ll be pushing Darragh’s parachute jump as part of the Tuesday Push. It’s on Saturday down in Offaly & he’ll be jumping 13,000 ft to help raise some cash for Care Local

And finally, can someone please explain to what the heck Karen Millen was drinkin/smoking when she decided that this frock was a good idea. As another bemused passer-by on Grafton St said “what are you meant to do when you want to sit down?”. The mind boggles.

What’s going on?

*Insert Caption*
*Insert Caption*

Chris just took this photo somewhere near Liffey St in Dublin. Seems there’s some hullabaloo stopping the Luas from running in the area. I love the photo – it’s got so many random people and things in it & it therefore leaves itself open to captioning.

So what’s it gona be? Or what in flippin’ flip is going on?

Edit – comments thus far from various Twitterers:

“Caption: Scenes from the first day of the Knackeraguan War”

“Strange angle of the image makes it look like she is hooking up the fuelpipe to top up your man in the wheelchair…”

“That’s almost a “where’s wally?” scene – great shot! :-)”

Brigham Young University Singers in Dublin tomorrow

I had the pleasure of hearing a few performances from Brigham Young University Singers over the course of last weekend down in Cork at the choral festival. One piece that they decided to treat the crowd to at the closing gala concert has stuck with me since – Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, which they give an insight into in the video above. It’s an amazing piece I had never heard before and I think I can speak for many people there when I say it made hairs stand on end. 

I’m delighted that they’re taking a tour around Ireland and the UK at the moment, including a concert on Tuesday night in Draiocht Theatre, Blanchardstown, in aid of the Irish Autism Alliance. The theatre’s website appears to be down at the moment but you can probably book over the phone at 01 885 2622. Really looking forward to this, hopefully see you there!

The Producers

The Producers
The Producers
Last night I made my first ever visit to the beautiful Gaeity Theatre in Dublin for Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society’s latest musical offering, ‘The Producers’.

I went in with no expectations and not at all familiar with the musical but what a fabulous surprise. It’s light, full of laughs & catchy tunes which will leave you humming all the way home – slightly problematic when it’s “Springtime for Hitler in Germany….” :) The two lead performances were excellent. Max Bialystock (played by Garry Mountaine) is a Broadway producer who teams up with accountant and wannabe producer Leo Bloom (played by Michael Evans) to stage the worst possible musical ever in a bid to make a fortune. ‘Springtime for Hitler’ is the chosen work for their project and when they enlist the services of the flamboyant floptastic director Roger Debris they end up with more sparkles & swastickas than you can shake a stick at. 

The show runs until this Satuday May 9th, great laughs guaranteed in Dublin’s best theatre. I took a few sneaky pics last night before I was told ‘put that thing away’ – hopefully will give you a taste of the production!