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Well done sis!

My nutty sis (one in the Pooh outfit)
My awesome nutty sis (one in the Pooh outfit)

My sister Andrea (or Andy as she prefers) got her college results today and has bagged herself an honours 2.1 in HPSS (History, Politics & Social Studies) from UL.

She’s only the second in the family to make it through the education system & come out the other side. Our parents, like many others in their generation, didn’t get the opportunity to finish secondary school not to mind trying a hand at third-level education & have always been 110% behind each of us in our attempt to become learned in anything.

It hasn’t been any easy trek between the amount of academic work and the range of delightful summer jobs that were required to support getting through the academic yearm, from selling rocks to scrubbing loos & everything in between.

I’m super proud of her & can’t wait to toast her on graduation day. Nice one Andy!

What a week…

SPWC facepaint
SPWC facepaint - can't wait for more!

I’ve had a fantastic week that starts and ends with the Street Performance World Championships. I’m volunteering at the Dublin leg this weekend so hopefully see you around Merrion Square at some stage – no doubt it’s going to be as much if not more fun than Cork!

Monday was a trip to the Olympia to see DCU Drama Soc’s production of Rent. I had never seen the musical before & I was gobsmacked by the performance of the guys n gals on stage. A really tough production to pull off & they did a fab job of it. It’s running till Saturday.

Tuesday was a trip to the Transformers 2 premiere with the Culch.ie gang. There’s a whole mixture of reviews and reactions over there to it! I loved the first one which it doesn’t live up to, but then again what sequel does? Boo factor: long, scattered & possibly weak plot, some dodgy humour. Win factor: CGI is beautiful, loads of machine action and again, it looks amazing.

During the days, I was working on some exciting web projects at X Comms some of which will be going live next week all going well – whoop! Will post links when they’re up and away.

I went to a talk about M.E. (or CFS if you’re so inclined) and learned a heck of a lot about something I was pretty ignorant to. Had forgotten how complicated the human body is to boot :)

My mum passed all her college exams, my little sister got herself a summer job & my dad is back to being himself after a nasty bug. I’m loving hanging out with this crazy mofo and having a fantastic time with my brand new friend Toro :)

It’s awesome to be alive :)

My dad rocks

My dad (who likes to play air guitar with a real guitar)
My dad (who likes to play air guitar with a real guitar)

Anyone who knows me well knows I get on famously with my dad. We’re close, as in close as most Irish country born bred n buttered men in their 50s could ever be. None of that fuzzy daddy’s girl kisses n hugs stuff. I can’t remember the last time I ever (or indeed if I ever) hugged him or told him how awesome I think he is. That’s not a failure on my part or his – just not how we roll. It’s that kind of love & admiration that’s so big, so obvious it’s just understood, doesn’t need to be spoken.

However, sometimes in such relationships a little gesture every now and then is no harm. It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Yes, another great day for the gang at Hallmark I hear you say but you know what I’m delighted to have an excuse to brighten his day just a little.

If you think your dad is the biz or just want to give him something to smile about, off you pop, get a card and get it in the post today. It’s the little things that mean the most.