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My dad rocks

My dad (who likes to play air guitar with a real guitar)
My dad (who likes to play air guitar with a real guitar)

Anyone who knows me well knows I get on famously with my dad. We’re close, as in close as most Irish country born bred n buttered men in their 50s could ever be. None of that fuzzy daddy’s girl kisses n hugs stuff. I can’t remember the last time I ever (or indeed if I ever) hugged him or told him how awesome I think he is. That’s not a failure on my part or his – just not how we roll. It’s that kind of love & admiration that’s so big, so obvious it’s just understood, doesn’t need to be spoken.

However, sometimes in such relationships a little gesture every now and then is no harm. It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Yes, another great day for the gang at Hallmark I hear you say but you know what I’m delighted to haveĀ an excuse to brighten his day just a little.

If you think your dad is the biz or just want to give him something to smile about, off you pop, get a card and get it in the post today. It’s the little things that mean the most.