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We’re halfway there…

Me, Donna & little Heidi
Me, Donna & little Heidi

And indeed, in the immortal words of Bon Jovi, living on a prayer. Half of 2009 has disappeared already. Insane. I was at home in Clare for the weekend & as the peacefulness of the place often allows, I had some much-required head-clearning time & space.

I thought back over resolutions made at the start of the year. I’ve never been very good at keeping them but I was pretty determined to do my best this year. It would appear I’m not doing too badly but could do with a mid-way kick up the rear to make sure I get the remainder to completion.

I’m hoping that buy throwing them out into the great wide open internet that those I encounter over the next while will bug me about one or two of them from time to time. Here’s the list (in no particular order):

  • get a full driving license
  • buy a car
  • learn to dance – set, tango or salsa
  • sing – as in put it to use by joining a choir
  • learn to become kick-ass at my job
  • read at least one book cover to cover
  • call my Nana more & keep in touch with all the family a bit better
  • make my dad take a holiday
  • lose a few pounds
  • meet more rocking people 
  • give more of my idle time to those who need it
  • put even more faith in my gut

They grow up so fast

Me - full frontal online at last
Me - full frontal online at last!

Today my sister Andrea finished her final exams and thus her 4-year degree in the University of Limerick. I don’t normally dwell on milestones such as these in terms of how much time has flown by but I’m genuinely shocked at how fast the past 4 years have gone by.

Andrea is the sibling next in line to me, followed by 2 more – Tomas & Niamh, in that order. While those 3 are very close in age, there’s nearly a 3 year gap between myself and Andrea so I guess that’s what is further compounding my surprise. 

I don’t think she would mind me saying she was a very competitive younger sister & while it dismayed me at the time I look back now & think “fair play to you – start as you mean to go on lady!”. If I said black, she would say white. No different to many other siblings. I was the level-headed & practical brain while she was the flighty & unpredictable one. She was often victim to the “why can’t you have more sense like your sister” line either face to face or behind her back & I’m so glad she never heeded it.

For someone of 21 years, she has achieved far more than I could ever imagine in terms of academia, travel, reading, work, meeting people from many walks of life & corners of the world and more in possibly every other aspect of life & living. It’s been an amazing few years watching her “grow up” – from the difficult teenager into the challenging & bright young woman. I just wish I’d been around for more of it. But sure, they grow up so fast…

Loving the ways of the universe

Sunset in Muckinish
Sunset in Muckinish

This evening while pottering around my apartment I stopped to take in a rather beautiful sunset. As I often do at this point, I thought about home on the west coast in Clare where I’ve seen some of the most breathtaking sunsets over distant Connemara & the Atlantic. Just as I was daydreaming my phone beeped. A message from my dad – no words, just that photo. I smiled & shed a little tear. 

This kind of thing happens me quite a bit & I love it. Seeing a poster for a band & next thing you know they pop up on a random shuffle playlist on your iPod. Walking down a street thinking about someone & you suddenly bump into them.

I’m convinced it’s the universe putting things together, somehow linking up & sorting through the thoughts & energies, ebbs & flows of life. I love it. And I love my dad. Long may it continue :)

Concert in tribute to the late John O’Donohue in Clare this Friday

Concert poster

Concert poster

This Friday, April 17th, a very special evening of music and song will be taking place in St.Michael’s Church, Ennistymon, Co.Clare in memory of the late John O’Donohue. 

The choir will be performing Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor. They will be joined by more than 75 members of the London Symphony Chorus and The City of Dublin Concert Orchestra under the baton of Joseph Cullen, Principal Conductor of the LSC. Also performing on the night are Sopranos Naomi O’Connell & Anne Byrne as well as Baritone Alistair Ollerenshaw, Tenor Peter O’Donohue and the young Soprano Katie O’Donohue (nephew and niece to John). 

I am privileged to be able to call John family and although I sadly didn’t get to know the man behind the beautiful writings such as Anam Chara, I have very vivid memories of him from my childhood when he was parish priest in the local church for a brief period prior to leaving the church and pursuing a career in writing. I remember the effect he had on people when he met them – there were always smiles and laughter and an infectious warmth that I can almost sense again when I try to take in the words he has written that so many have found inspirational.

Tickets for the concert are still available and can be booked over the phone by credit card by calling the Burren College of Art on (065) 707 72 00. Check out the blog at http://jodonohue.blogspot.com.