What a week…

SPWC facepaint
SPWC facepaint - can't wait for more!

I’ve had a fantastic week that starts and ends with the Street Performance World Championships. I’m volunteering at the Dublin leg this weekend so hopefully see you around Merrion Square at some stage – no doubt it’s going to be as much if not more fun than Cork!

Monday was a trip to the Olympia to see DCU Drama Soc’s production of Rent. I had never seen the musical before & I was gobsmacked by the performance of the guys n gals on stage. A really tough production to pull off & they did a fab job of it. It’s running till Saturday.

Tuesday was a trip to the Transformers 2 premiere with the Culch.ie gang. There’s a whole mixture of reviews and reactions over there to it! I loved the first one which it doesn’t live up to, but then again what sequel does? Boo factor: long, scattered & possibly weak plot, some dodgy humour. Win factor: CGI is beautiful, loads of machine action and again, it looks amazing.

During the days, I was working on some exciting web projects at X Comms some of which will be going live next week all going well – whoop! Will post links when they’re up and away.

I went to a talk about M.E. (or CFS if you’re so inclined) and learned a heck of a lot about something I was pretty ignorant to. Had forgotten how complicated the human body is to boot :)

My mum passed all her college exams, my little sister got herself a summer job & my dad is back to being himself after a nasty bug. I’m loving hanging out with this crazy mofo and having a fantastic time with my brand new friendĀ Toro :)

It’s awesome to be alive :)

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