Well done sis!

My nutty sis (one in the Pooh outfit)
My awesome nutty sis (one in the Pooh outfit)

My sister Andrea (or Andy as she prefers) got her college results today and has bagged herself an honours 2.1 in HPSS (History, Politics & Social Studies) from UL.

She’s only the second in the family to make it through the education system & come out the other side. Our parents, like many others in their generation, didn’t get the opportunity to finish secondary school not to mind trying a hand at third-level education & have always been 110% behind each of us in our attempt to become learned in anything.

It hasn’t been any easy trek between the amount of academic work and the range of delightful summer jobs that were required to support getting through the academic yearm, from selling rocks to scrubbing loos & everything in between.

I’m super proud of her & can’t wait to toast her on graduation day. Nice one Andy!

2 thoughts on “Well done sis!”

  1. it’s just a darned pity that I’ve got to head off to another crummy summer job tomorrow morning instead of celebrating the ass outta it!!! well – I may stop by in Dub on the way back in August for a bit of dancey-dancey party- party :)

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