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Moore Street Masala – my big screen debut :)

Back in April, Darragh put a post on Culch.ie titled “Be part of a massive Bollywood dance scene in Dublin”. How could I resist? Myself and a few other messers signed up and on a blissfully sunny Sunday morning hit Moore St to be put through our paces for Moore Street Masala which is being screened this week.


I honestly have no idea what to expect but of course can’t wait to see how the Bollywood routine at the end works out! It was heaps of fun to be involved in and I would definitely be up for doing more.

Where can you see it?

This Saturday October 10th at the Lighthouse cinema at 1.30 as part of the Darklight ‘Exposure’ event. It’s also being shown at the IFI as part of the New Irish Film Board Shorts on Tuesday 13th at 6.30 pm.

The official site (under construction) is here. Thanks D for the heads up (once again)!

Siege of Ennis – congrats to all involved!

As luck would have it, too many things fell upon the one weekend & I couldn’t make the journey down home for the Siege of Ennis world record attempt in aid of Special Olympics Ireland. Talking to my dad last night he said the weather on the day was absolutely awful as you will see from the video. But fair play to the 5,000+ that turned up and gave it socks on such a miserable wet day!

Props to my little first cousin Sean Keane who can be seen stepping it out in his lovely blue & gold uniform (and ocassionally wearing an Obama baseball cap!) on the podium above the crowd :)

You can still make a donation to the Special Olympics via the event website by clicking here.

Tuesday Tune: The Masons’ Apron from An Fleadh Nua 2008

The annual Fleadh Nua kicks off in my beloved Co. Clare this Sunday for a week of fantastic music, song, dance & fun so I decided to go trad for the Tuesday Tune today. This is the awesomely talented Darra Mulhearn from Ennis and the video is via Comhaltas, who have embraced YouTube with a great selection of videos from fleadhs and festivals all over the country.

Growing up in any part of Clare means you’re never far away from the trad stuff, be it music, singing or dancing. My grandfather was a button accordion player until arthritis made it impossible. It didn’t however have the same effect on his set dancing & he kept that up until close to his passing 3 years ago. He’s probably turning in his grave at the thought of none of his grandchildren being able to dance a step of a set! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. Myself and my siblings have brought it up in conversation from time to time at home & we always put the blame on our parents for never teaching us but considering we’re all scattered across the country now we should be sorting this one out for ourselves.

So there’s my next little project – I’m going to learn how to dance a set  & hopefully I’ll get to dance one with my dad before the year is out :)  Now where will I find lessons in Dublin…?

Tasty titbits for your lunchtime

After an insane couple of days it’s time to resume normal blogging services. Don’t worry though, the Fine Gael website fiasco hasn’t gone to bed yet – I’ve given it a permanent home here and George Hook & his Newstalk team are having a look at it today in advance of their show later this evening.

I was at Doves in the Olympia, Dublin last night. One of my favourite bands of all time & it was amazing as usual. Some photos on Pix.ie, down below is a noisy little video and the first of a range I am going to classify as ‘Danceycam‘ (I continue to shake booty & enjoy myself while filming).

RTE have launched their RTE Player online service. Nice design effort & video quality but the use of Flash only across the site is questionable in terms of usability.

Awesome t-shirt design for the Blacknight T-Shirt competition from Nice Cube Design.

Registration for Bizcamp Belfast is now open.

Loopthing is the Tuesday push (I think!)

Bollywood Dancing on Sunday for Big Fish Films was fantastic fun despite the terrible sunburn I suffered

Handel’s Messiah at Christchurch last week was epic, so epic a tear or two may have escaped me. Will put up MP3s later on for your aural pleasure.

Doves – There Goes The Fear on Danceycam from Stephanie Francis on Vimeo.