Moore Street Masala – my big screen debut :)

Back in April, Darragh put a post on titled “Be part of a massive Bollywood dance scene in Dublin”. How could I resist? Myself and a few other messers signed up and on a blissfully sunny Sunday morning hit Moore St to be put through our paces for Moore Street Masala which is being screened this week.


I honestly have no idea what to expect but of course can’t wait to see how the Bollywood routine at the end works out! It was heaps of fun to be involved in and I would definitely be up for doing more.

Where can you see it?

This Saturday October 10th at the Lighthouse cinema at 1.30 as part of the Darklight ‘Exposure’ event. It’s also being shown at the IFI as part of the New Irish Film Board Shorts on Tuesday 13th at 6.30 pm.

The official site (under construction) is here. Thanks D for the heads up (once again)!

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