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Dolly Mixture 09.02.10 – fluffy pancakes, infographics and Absolut Fringe

double slanket
Double slanket - oh yes.

Happy Pancake Tuesday*. Here’s my favourite pancake recipe – it’s dead simple but it gives you lovely, fluffy, light little pancakes that are just nyom. (*correction – turns out that Pancake Tuesday isn’t till next week.)

State of the Internet infographic via Mashable. God I’d love to open an infographics gallery I love them so much.

Guesslist gets a spring clean – looking tasty.

There’s going to be Chaos at Wordcamp Ireland and I just can’t wait.

Some fantastic internship opportunities with Absolut Fringe, one of my favourite festivals in Dublin.

456 Berea St have discovered that sIFR’s default CSS causes issues for some screen readers. Here’s the skinny and the fix.

Anyone giving or taking up anything for Lent? Could you give up the Internet for 40 days?

Dolly Mixture 02.02.10 – life streams, iPhone web apps, Helveticons

Are life-streams are the new glossy buttons of the web? Here’s a nice service that will allow you to put together a rather good-looking web page via a WYSIWYG – Flavors.me.

Flavors.me from Jack Zerby on Vimeo.

Andy McMillan is presenting iPhone Web Apps (inc. HTML5, CSS3 & JQTouch) at X Cake Belfast on Tuesday 9th at 5.30pm at the University of Ulster.

Pennies is a lovely native app for counting, well, the pennies!

Lego digital camera.

Helveticons - icons inspired by Helvetica.

It’s Groundhog Day – how’s about following Stephen Tobolowsky?

Dolly Mixture 26.01.10 – Eurotrip, The Seafarer, The Semantic Web…

Thanks @damienmulley for one of the handiest little bags ever

Fancy an all expenses paid trip around 16 European countries in 20 days? Have a clue as to what social media is? Want to win some stuff? You should really take a look at the ‘Talk to EU Eurotrip’.

The Seafarer at The Abbey Theatre had me in stitches last night. Don Wycherley is outstanding and almost completely stole the show for me. This is the last week of it so do try and catch it if you can. Never seen a full house at the Abbey on a Monday so that says it all.

Book launched in NUI Galway by John Breslin, Alexandre Passant and Stefan Decker  - ‘The Social and Semantic Web‘.

How Metro News in Canada are hooking up with FourSquare.

Volunteering Ireland are on Twitter – @volunteeringirl.

Tickets for TedFest 4 are currently on sale – demand is so great there’s ’2 sittings’ of it this year.

Happy Tuesday, hope it’s kind to you :)

FOWD London 2010

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d got word of FOWD 2010 coming to London in May via a Facebook mail. Here’s the skinny if you’re interested and aren’t yet connected on Facebook.

Future of Web Design is returning to London on Monday May 17th 2010. We have made a few exciting changes.

Running for three days (17th – 19th May) it will consist of two conference days, each comprising of two tracks, and culminating in a day of intimate workshops. That’s a lot of sessions to choose from!

As well as the extra day we have also changed the format of the workshops. This year we are offering full day workshops to give you the opportunity to get deeper into the subject.

The conference will take place at the lovely Brewery in the City of London and workshops will be held at Wallace Space Kings Cross.

A brand new web site with full details of speakers and topics will launch in mid February.

Will be interesting to see if the exciting changes will mean a reduction in ticket prices or even different ticket options. I’d really love to go. I attended FOWA in Dublin last year, my first ‘industry event’ if you will and left it feeling very positive, inspired and excited even though I’m more a web maker than an app maker.

The fact that it’s on over weekdays will make travel and accomodation somewhat more affordable at the very least so here’s to a trip to London in May – time to start stashing some cash in the piggybank :)