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FourSquare bringing the nyoms

The Southern Smash

So today the boy and I eventually decided to head into town and find some nice grub and have a bit of a wander for ourselves. While considering retreating to the Westbury for a cosy sneaky pint I had the geeky brainwave that the Marble Bar in the Westbury was offering a deal on cocktails via FourSquare.

So I checked in while around the corner, had the good fortune of securing mayorship and thus unlocking their offer – buy 1 cocktail and get 1 free when you check in as mayor.

After settling into the cosyness of said bar I was pretty much sold on the idea of having a yummy cocktail anyway but the prospect of getting two of them for a tenner made it a little cosier.

The Southern Smash is now my favourite cocktail, just delish – Southern Comfort, honey syrup, fresh lime juice and fresh mint with ice and ginger ale.

That was my first time making use of an offer on FourSquare. And it worked. It enticed me into the place, got me spending my dollars while introducing me to a tasty new treat and reminding me how comfy the Marble Bar is. It did feel a bit weird/awkward/geeky presenting my iPhone with this offer at the counter and despite the staff not really getting what it was they went with it and honoured the offer anyway.

Win win win.

Dolly Mixture 26.01.10 – Eurotrip, The Seafarer, The Semantic Web…

Thanks @damienmulley for one of the handiest little bags ever

Fancy an all expenses paid trip around 16 European countries in 20 days? Have a clue as to what social media is? Want to win some stuff? You should really take a look at the ‘Talk to EU Eurotrip’.

The Seafarer at The Abbey Theatre had me in stitches last night. Don Wycherley is outstanding and almost completely stole the show for me. This is the last week of it so do try and catch it if you can. Never seen a full house at the Abbey on a Monday so that says it all.

Book launched in NUI Galway by John Breslin, Alexandre Passant and Stefan Decker¬†¬†- ‘The Social and Semantic Web‘.

How Metro News in Canada are hooking up with FourSquare.

Volunteering Ireland are on Twitter – @volunteeringirl.

Tickets for TedFest 4 are currently on sale – demand is so great there’s ’2 sittings’ of it this year.

Happy Tuesday, hope it’s kind to you :)