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Karen Millen - normally gorgeous, but...
Karen Millen - normally gorgeous, but...

Someone please explain to me where that weekend went to??? And while on the subject of the weekend, thank you thank you thank you to the man above and his posse for giving us the most glorious day on Sunday for the Dublin City Soul Festival & just the chance to wander happily around town & dine al fresco sans brolly.

I had the pleasure of meeting & hearing the gorgeous & talented Nell Bryden on Saturday afternoon – she will hopefully be appearing in an interview on a blog near you before long. Be sure to check out her new album & if you’re in Dublin on June 30th, you could do a lot worse than go hear the lady live in Whelans. Amazing voice, great energy will make for a fantastic gig.

Stuff on this week(end) include SweetTalk, Connector 10Volvo Ocean Race in Galway, The Cat Laughs in Kilkenny and most importantly, Pat Kenny’s last gig as presenter of the Late Late Show on Friday night (yeah clear your diaries lads, break out the bubbly). Will he get a Harley? I f*cking hope not. 

SPWC are looking for volunteers to help out with the festival when it hits Cork city on June 13th & 14th and then Dublin from June 18th – 21st. Check out the blog for all the info.

In a bit of a rule-breaking departure (excused by the puntastic opportunity & fact that it’s raising money for a great cause), I’ll be pushing Darragh’s parachute jump as part of the Tuesday Push. It’s on Saturday down in Offaly & he’ll be jumping 13,000 ft to help raise some cash for Care Local

And finally, can someone please explain to what the heck Karen Millen was drinkin/smoking when she decided that this frock was a good idea. As another bemused passer-by on Grafton St said “what are you meant to do when you want to sit down?”. The mind boggles.

Link platter lunch

Love at the high place 1 by Li Wei
"Love at the high place 1" by Li Wei

My thanks to Jen for sharing this article on the amazing work of Li Wei. It’s performance art meets photography and I love it. Excerpt from the article

After dropping out of art school and dabbling in oil painting, Li decided to focus on action art because, as he puts it, only it “offers a chance to experience an action’s message through one’s own body.”

Darragh is jumping/being thrown out of a plane in the name of charity next weekend. Here’s where you can make your donation. If he manages to TwitPic it on the way down, I’ll give him another fiver :)

Dublin City Soul Festival is hitting Dublin this weekend and it’s shaping up to be awesome.

McAWilliams has some beautiful shots from his first wedding shoot on Pix.ie.

Peter is putting it up to RTE and Richard Corrigan over slaughtering animals on telly.

Ikea Dublin is opening in just 9 weeks on July 27th. God help my bank account. 

Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club are at the Academy in Dublin this Saturday & they give me my choice of song for the day:

Songs committed to memory, not talking iPods here…

Bishhopsquarters, Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare
Bishopsquarters, Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare

A random exchange on Twitter sparked by a mention of Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic” got me thinking about where I first heard that song. It’s one of those songs that had such an impact on me for whatever reason – beauty, emotional significance, lyrics, whatever – that I can pinpoint with photographic memory exactly where I was when I first heard it.

In this case it was a summers’ evening some time after 9pm. Myself and my siblings had been rounded up as we often were to move some cattle from one field to another with my dad. I remember sitting in the car afterwards while dad closed up gates etc & the radio was on in the car. That song came on & I remember gasping & telling the others in the back to shut up & listen. Beautiful piece of music. I own 2 Coldplay albums, haven’t listened to them in years but still love that song. Here’s the Google Mappage of where exactly I was for anyone nosey enough.

Anyone else have tales like these to share?

Eurovision winner in the family (by association)!

NIamh & Michael
Little sister Niamh & her boy, Michael


Alexander on stage
"Alexander" on stage

Michael (aka Alexander) is a student in the Cork School of Music and until tonight I believed him to be part of the brass section of the Cork Symphony Orchestra. I guess he was keeping a low profile around Cork what with being the favourite for Eurovision. Congrats Michael!

Eurovision – what’s your favourite song?

So I hear we’re not in the Eurovision this year & Johnny Logan was on Ray D’arcy singing the wonderful classic “Hold Me Now” live for our listening pleasure on Today FM this morning. Got me thinking. Is it the best Eurovision song of all time? I know they had a contest purely to decide this in 2005 where “Hold Me Now” came 3rd (“Waterloo” getting 1st). Love it or hate it, most people have a soft spot for it. 

Niamh Kavanagh’s winning performance of “In Your Eyes” in 1993 is my favourite Eurovision song of all time. It’s got everything – great lyric, builds to the chorus & middle 8, brass, strings, sparkles, the works. I am guilty of screaming this at my long-suffering hairbrush on occassion, it’s just awesome. 

So what’s your favourite Eurovision song? Your guilty Eurovision pleasure? Cast your votes please & yes, you can vote for your own country if you so wish :)

Update: The darling lovely Jen reminded me of this most awesome entry that we both fell in love with and voted for in 2007. I give you the brilliant Verka Serduchka with Dancing Lasha Tumbai. Robbed of a win.