Songs committed to memory, not talking iPods here…

Bishhopsquarters, Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare
Bishopsquarters, Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare

A random exchange on Twitter┬ásparked by a mention of Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic” got me thinking about where I first heard that song. It’s one of those songs that had such an impact on me for whatever reason – beauty, emotional significance, lyrics, whatever – that I can pinpoint with photographic memory exactly where I was when I first heard it.

In this case it was a summers’ evening some time after 9pm. Myself and my siblings had been rounded up as we often were to move some cattle from one field to another with my dad. I remember sitting in the car afterwards while dad closed up gates etc & the radio was on in the car. That song came on & I remember gasping & telling the others in the back to shut up & listen. Beautiful piece of music. I own 2 Coldplay albums, haven’t listened to them in years but still love that song. Here’s the Google Mappage of where exactly I was for anyone nosey enough.

Anyone else have tales like these to share?

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