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There goes the summer

well it is...
well it is...

Well I hope you made the most of the awesome weather we were blessed with this past week coz it is most certainly gone and long gone according to the forecast. Time to resort back to indoor forms of entertainment, soggy ends of jeans, damp socks, umbrellas and checking Ryanair for the price of a flight to Barcelona.

In the immortal words of Pat Shortt, “sure twud be a lovely country if we could only roof it”.

Free BBQ tonight & Saturday’s tea day

Free BBQ tonight

So it’s the perfect (or closest to perfect evening you’ll get for May) evening for a BBQ and as luck would have it there’s a lovely free one happening this evening in Dublin. Here’s the story (robbed from Darragh’s post):

“Jane Russell from Jane Russell’s Original Irish Handmade Sausages is kicking off the summer in style with a bit of food, chat, drink and of course some sausage samples from 7.30pm in the roof garden of the Odessa Club.”

For those unsure of where the Odessa Club is or how to find it, here’s a wee map. Be seeing you there later!

Saturday’s Tea Day for Alzheimers

I spent Saturday in Dundalk at my dear friend AnneMarie’s place where she held her 5th annual tea day to raise funds for local Alzheimers carers and patients. We had people coming and going from 11am till 10pm, the tea flowed, gorgeous home baking delights kept us buzzing & the chat was fantastic. Aside from the fund-raising benefits, it was a wonderful social occasion and gave people a chance to catch up and spend some time with each other. The day raised a tasty €1300 with another few quid to come in from folks who couldn’t make it on the day. I’m dead proud of her & can’t wait to do it all again next year!