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Dolly Mixture 15.01.10

Taken 2 weeks for me to spot a '10 reg & tis a tasty GolfFinally saw my first ’10 reg last night – a rather sexy VW Golf. Is it just me or does it look odd on the reg?

Haiti - despite the media and online coverage, we still have no concept of how awful things are in Haiti at the moment. Help out my donating to Goal online – they’re out there on the ground with The Haven Project.

Via Mashable – the UN have an opening for a Social Media Editor (Internship).

Want to see a screening of Lemonade happen in Dublin? Then stick your name in the comments. What’s it about? Here’s a shpiel:

“What do people who were once paid to be creative for a living do when they’re laid off? They get creative with their own lives. Lemonade is an inspirational film about 16 advertising professionals who lost their jobs and found their calling, encouraging people to listen to that little voice inside their head that asks, “What if?”

Tom Dunne of Newstalk and Something Happens fame is on Twitter since yesterday thanks to encouragement by Graham Linehan. Check out @tomhappens on the interpipes.

Ryan Carson is over at ThinkVitamin wondering what you would like to see in an online conference. Think CSS, Frameworks, Rails, iPhone development etc. Have your say here.

Dolly Mixture 11.01.10

A stew cooked by @darraghdoyle with recipe from @donalskehan - reviews to follow

Donal Skehan‘s stew = win.

Open evening this Thursday at the Dublin Institiute of Design. Pop in and you could win a wee course.

Been looking at web app development frameworks for Safari on iPhone lately. If you want something other than Dashcode, check out the iUI Framework and JQTouch. May blog properly about this later on in the week.

You’ll be able to submit nominations for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards soon. Blogging may be dead but long live the Blog Awards.

My buddy Jenn combines two of her loves, writing and good beer, to create a new beer blog fresh from Colorado.

Via Damien, “No, Your First Impression Isn’t Wrong: Android ISN’T As Nice As The iPhone“. Read here and no, this isn’t Andriod bashing nor iPhone ass-kissing.

Finally, congratulations on getting through the first week of the year – arguably the most difficult first week of any new year we’ve had in a long time :)

Dolly Mixture 05.01.10

Quite proud that this shot made Pix.ie’s longlist for 2009 Photo of the Year. I took it with my compact while cursing and dreaming of a Canon 450D. Hopefully that dream will become reality this year.

2FM has a new schedule and Rick is slotted in from 12 till 3. So far so good, velvety voice.

The first Irish Stew Championships hits Sligo this March as part of the ‘SÓ Sligo‘ festival.

Andy Clarke on why ignorance is bliss and continues to sing the praises of designing ‘in the browser’.

I want to learn to dance this year. Just no idea what type. Dance Ireland kick off all sorts of lessons this month.

Mr. Mulley is giving an workshop in Online PR on Jan 23.

Got a good business development and online head on you? Come work at X Communications.

Dolly mixture, Nov 24

Wisdom tooth infection *finally* subsiding, normality to resume real soon.

In the meantime…

Etsy goodness
Etsy goodness

Awesome calendar/wall planner thing from Etsy (above).

37 Signals bring you Haystack – “Find the right web designer for your next project.”

Want to avoid silly unwanted gifts this Xmas? Try making a wishlist at Wishlistr.

It costs €20m to build 1km of road in modern Ireland.

Sexy aprons.

It’s like getting slapped against the cheek by a dry leather glove with each finger being made of a mini-glove.”

Happy protest day. Will be posting all sorts on here and here throughout the day.

Dolly mixture

Beautiful Graiguenamanagh at the weekend
Beautiful Graiguenamanagh at the weekend

‘Dear Me – A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old-Self’ is an interesting little book I picked up for my bookworm that seems to be going down quite well. The blurb goes: “If you were to write a letter to your 16-year-old self, what would it say? In DEAR ME: A LETTER TO MY SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD SELF, some of the world’s best loved personalities have written just such a letter.” The Elton John AIDS Foundation will receive £1 for every copy sold and there’s a blog going alongside it at dearmebooks.com where you can read and even submit other letters yourself.

The first Irish Discworld Convention kicks off in Ennistymon, Co.Clare this Friday. There’s a schedule here and a load of info here. I’m a total newbie when it comes to Discworld but loving what I’ve experienced thus far and really looking forward to the weekend.

Mike – who is among other things the tech magician at X Comms – has launched a blog and is looking for a topic for a minor research dissertation that he’s doing for the M.Sc. Management Information Systems at TCD. Some very cute guinea pig pics up there too!

The founder of the little known Wikipedia Jimmy Wales is giving a public lecture at TCD on Friday Nov 27th. Tickets and info all available here.

Got my copy of Futuretainment by Mike Walsh last week. Now if I could just find the time to devour it. Beautifully designed book and it’s got a beautiful little website to go with it. Cheers to the Cybercom team for the introduction at their Cybercom 10 celebrations last month.

Ah, watch this space. Or not.

And to celebrate the safe return of Mr. Mulley to the internets, I’ll take a leaf from his blog and leave you with a song. This was going on while I was in jazz-recovery-sleeps in Cork about a week ago, streamed live over the web. Whatever will they think of next?!