Irish Blog Awards nominee badges

Badgey goodness

I know delighted and proud some of the good bloggers of Ireland are to be on the longlist for this year’s Irish Blog Awards so why not show it off with a little badge on your blog?

I’ve slapped together a few varieties for your downloading and uploading pleasure. Hopefully the brand guidelines police at Mulley Corp won’t nuke me for my lack of precision tracing in Illustrator on my lunchbreak :)

For those not fortunate enough to make the list (sniffle) I’ll happily put together a few alternatives – gimme your suggestions!

ZIP here containing black, blue and red versions in JPEG and PNG formats.

Happy badging and see you in Galway at the end of the month :)

8 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards nominee badges”

  1. There are some hilarious alternatves floating about from previous years, will try hunting them down in the morning – think Alexia did one or two if I remember correctly.

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