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Some of the 168 slides from the IBA 2010 presentation

Well-chosen words by whoever penned the script for the voiceover. Sad that it is so but c’est la vie.

Sincere apologies once again for the error I made in compiling the presentation. I missed out on a screenshot of Stranded on Gaia for Best Blog Post and apologies (again) to Rick for what I guess you could call “rick-rolling” him with over-anxious slide clicking fueled by sheer nerves/adrenaline.

Met some lovely new faces at both the Galway Twestival and the Blog Awards over the weekend, great to catch up and have some fun with some more familiar ones too. Discovering Kelly’s Bar on Sunday was a treat and getting the chance to see the folks (if ever so brief) was super.

Irish Blog Awards nominee badges

Badgey goodness

I know delighted and proud some of the good bloggers of Ireland are to be on the longlist for this year’s Irish Blog Awards so why not show it off with a little badge on your blog?

I’ve slapped together a few varieties for your downloading and uploading pleasure. Hopefully the brand guidelines police at Mulley Corp won’t nuke me for my lack of precision tracing in Illustrator on my lunchbreak :)

For those not fortunate enough to make the list (sniffle) I’ll happily put together a few alternatives – gimme your suggestions!

ZIP here containing black, blue and red versions in JPEG and PNG formats.

Happy badging and see you in Galway at the end of the month :)