And you thought silly season was over

And so it begins. Brown Thomas opened their Christmas shop as per tradition this week just passed. That’s fine. I rarely darken the door of the place so it’s not going to bother me.

But then this morning while working away and listening to the radio as I do it happened. The first Christmas party radio ad in my ears complete with Jingle Bells backing track trying to sell me a good time out at the Red Cow with June Rodgers.

Showing that radio advertising does work (see, even the Newstalk ad for Newstalk ads works) I went off to investigate the object of my annoyance over my lunchbreak. To be honest I didn’t realise that a market for such events still existed in Ireland. Seems you can get yourself a festive dinner and cabaret party including all the essential ingredients:

  • Vol au Vonts – check
  • Turkey, ham & spuds – check
  • Christmas Pudding – check
  • Undisclosed “vegetarian” option – check

And a collective of glittery angelic happy people for your entertainment.

“Book early to avoid disappointment.”


You’re all right, thanks. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to my fallout shelter until December.

One thought on “And you thought silly season was over”

  1. Oh dear god! :o

    One of the things I do remember from the past was that you had to book a lot of these venues well in advance. (a year in advance in some instances I know my old company was doing that for the following year so they could have the exact date they wanted for their christmas party)

    It still makes me go ug though

    Thankfully the same madness doesn’t appear to affect other countries that much ( france / spain ) have next to no madness at least in my experience seems to be a very “english” speaking world type thing

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