CAO seems so long ago but still gives me the shivers

My heart goes out to the poor divils who have been pounding away at the CAO website this morning and getting the ‘we’re down for maintenance’ message.

The Leaving Cert itself in my opinion, isn’t nearly as stressful as the week encompassing the results coming out and college offers be sent/points published.

When I got my results in 2002, I bagged myself enough points to be level with the requirement of the course I wanted to do the previous year. In short, if they went up as little as 5 I was in a pickle. Thankfully they dropped by 20 and off I did go to DCU but little sleep was had in the nights between and I was a wreck.

Even though it feels like a lifetime ago and I have realised since that even if they points hadn’t gone my way life would have worked out fine, I can still remember the fear as I crept downstairs at 5am to check the points on Aertel.

So to anyone feeling the pinch of the CAO wait today, I hope it works out for you and that you sleep well tonight. Gav has the points online should you want em.

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