U2 360 countdown: post #5

360 stage at Croke Park, taken by @gavreilly
360 stage at Croke Park, taken by @gavreilly

First off, props to Gav for TwitPic-ing progress on the 360 stage construction that’s going on up at Croker – looking epic!

Today I’m picking out another song from Achtung Baby today, which is my favourite U2 album by a mile. When rooting around on YouTube for a video, I learned that the ‘single version’ was quite different and not nearly as raw & punchy as the original. According to U2.com, the single released was the ‘Temple Bar Edit‘. Recorded after a night in Dorans or The Mezz eh lads?

So forgive the visuals and enjoy the sounds, a compromise worthwhile I think you’ll agree :)

Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (album cut)

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  1. I just checked the album content, it does have a lot of songs that I like, esp. One, Acrobat and Love is blindness [..I don't want to see..] , Ultraviolet and Until the end of the world. The Unforgettable Fire will always have the most meaning to me, many of those songs get to the root of me, if that makes sense.

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