U2 360 countdown: post #4 & Happy Birthday Jen!

My U2 song of choice for today was pre-determined by the fact that it’s my friend Jenni‘s birthday & aside from it being one of her favourite U2 songs, it has a special happy memory attached for both of us.

One Saturday night while walking towards the taxi rank on O’Connell St, we were singing our way through the U2 catalogue (as you do) and when we tried to start ‘Mysterious Ways’ we got in a pickle over what the first line was. So we decided to ask the highly approachable pair of young Gardai outside the GPO to see if they could help. It went something like this…

Jen: “I’m sorry but we were wondering if you could help us? We’re trying to remember the first line of a U2 song.”

Gardai: “Oh right.”

Jen: “Yeah, ‘Mysterious Ways’ – we can’t remember the first line.”

Gardai: “Oh geez that’s a tough one now. Tell you what if you hang on there for a minute Johnny will be able to answer that one, he’s mad into U2. He’s just gone to the shop for sweets & will be back over in a minute.”

And sure enough, Johnny did arrive back from the shop & did supply us with the line “Johnny, take a walk with your sister the moon”. So we thanked him & continued on our way singing & dancing to the taxi rank & thinking “only in Ireland”.

So from the fabulous Achtung Baby, here’s Mysterious Ways. Happy Birthday Jen & fair play Johnny :)

4 thoughts on “U2 360 countdown: post #4 & Happy Birthday Jen!”

  1. Good story, Steph, and second Darragh’s comment on the Garda Siochan√°.
    Happy birthday to your friend. How many nights are U2 playing in Dublin? I have never seen them before in concert.

  2. @Seamus They’re doing 3 nights: Friday, Saturday & Monday. There’s still tickets available for the Monday night – sign of the times :)

  3. Thanks, Steph, I am in the Boston area, wish I were over in Dublin for it, the tickets for 2 dates here are already sold out, think that’s in September.
    Have a great time :)

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