U2 360 countdown: post #6 – POP Music!

U2 - POP
U2 - POP

While Achtung Baby remains my favourite U2 album, 1997′s Pop comes in at a very close second. I’ve heard U2 describe it as something like ‘their greatest unfinished piece of work’ and I agree entirely.

I think some of their best work is on that album from lyrics to riffs & beats to the gorgeous artwork.

Mofo – Live in Mexico

The accompanying PopMart tour was one of the most elaborate and iconic stadium shows to tour the world featuring a huge LED screen, a 100ft high golden arch and a huge mirrorball lemon. Similar to the previous Zoo TV tour, the lavish set & imagery were all parth of a theme designed to poke fun at consumerism, materialism & popular culture.

Gone – Live in Mexico

U2 brought the PopMart tour to Sarajevo becoming the first major band to play there after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina following a series of controversial satellite links to aid workers there during their Zoo TV tour.

Do You Feel Loved – Live in Las Vegas

The show was recorded in Mexico City in 1997 and was re-relased on DVD in 2007. If just for the spectacle alone, it’s worth a watch. I can still remember the first time I saw the video for Discotheque on TV & just loving the sound they were creating. I was in my last year of primary school at the time & remember wishing I had an older brother or sister to take me along on the bus trip to Dublin for the concert. I had to settle for watching the PopMart video once it was released & I watched it so often that it eventually wore out! Here’s hoping for one or two Pop classics this weekend in Croke Park :)

Discotheque – official video

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