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The Producers

The Producers
The Producers
Last night I made my first ever visit to the beautiful Gaeity Theatre in Dublin for Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society’s latest musical offering, ‘The Producers’.

I went in with no expectations and not at all familiar with the musical but what a fabulous surprise. It’s light, full of laughs & catchy tunes which will leave you humming all the way home – slightly problematic when it’s “Springtime for Hitler in Germany….” :) The two lead performances were excellent. Max Bialystock (played by Garry Mountaine) is a Broadway producer who teams up with accountant and wannabe producer Leo Bloom (played by Michael Evans) to stage the worst possible musical ever in a bid to make a fortune. ‘Springtime for Hitler’ is the chosen work for their project and when they enlist the services of the flamboyant floptastic director Roger Debris they end up with more sparkles & swastickas than you can shake a stick at. 

The show runs until this Satuday May 9th, great laughs guaranteed in Dublin’s best theatre. I took a few sneaky pics last night before I was told ‘put that thing away’ – hopefully will give you a taste of the production!

Dolly mixture of links for lunch

Yahoo! Pipes – looks like great fun to play with & a tasty way of customising your RSS feeds for specific info.

The stage adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption goes into rehearsal today, looking forward to seeing it next month at The Gaeity.

Dairy farmers are due to protest in Kilkenny city today against the cut in milk price from Glanbia. The (disgusting) 20 cent per litre being offered is 7 cent below the price needed for dairy farmers to break even. 

I’m currently trying to find the best & most reliable way to install IE8 on my computer without overwriting IE7 and other previous standalone versions. Apparently IE8 doesn’t sit happy with sIFR’s javascript library so if you use it on your websites, might want to check it out in IE8 :(

And here’s a wee video with a 360 of the lovely shoreline at home that I stumbled upon last night. My do I sound like a bogger when I get going!

On the shoreline from Stephanie Francis on Vimeo.