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Review: THEATREclub stole your CLOCK RADIO what the FUCK you gonna do about it?

Before I begin to try and put words around what I saw last night at The Project Arts Centre, I have to hold my hands up and warn you that I am not a writer, or a critic (of the official sense) or anything like that. I’m just a girl who likes theatre and likes to tell others about the things she likes in the hope that someone else out there might enjoy these things too.

None of you will have seen anything like this before in your lives even if you have already seen this before…

That’s me paraphrasing Shane Byrne’s introduction. He was right. He warned that we, the audience, would never be the same again. He was right.

It’s chaotic, funny, energetic, engaging and frighteningly good at putting a finger right on the pulse of twenty-somethings in Ireland today and amplifying it. Or, not to sound arrogant, maybe it was just my pulse? At some stage during the performance – maybe between the Stone Roses and ripping apart of phonebooks – I remember staring directly at the stage and thinking “fuck, that’s exactly it”.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I’m not a writer, I just like theatre and stuff and sharing experiences. I reckon if any production can make you feel like you’re the only person in the audience in a huge black room and thinking “fuck, that’s exactly it”, it’s a sign of a good show.

Go and see it. Dylan Haskins is chairing a discussion after Thursday night’s production and there’s a promise of bonus deleted scenes for those who go on Friday.

Nice work THEATREclub – you’ve successfully blown my mind once again. Tickets. Info. Stalking. More stalking.

Dolly Mix 04.05.10 – HTML5, Absolut Gay Theatre, Solsbury Hill etc

DrupalCamp takes place at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare on May 15th and 16th. See www.drupalwest.com/ for info.

The Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin is on until May 16th. I saw an amazing production last night at The New Theatre called Whore Works which runs until the 8th. Check out the programme here.

Innocent Drinks Consumer Cam.

iPhone and Android app builder and CMS that integrates with YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter in one neat looking package – MobileRoadie.

Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 for Web Designers looks tasty.

Solsbury Hill gets the Scala treatment in Cork:

Get to WERK!

Earlier I got a lovely email from the fabulous THISISPOPBABY who are kicking off a fresh project at The Abbey Theatre on May 8th called WERK. It sounds like an interesting event so I’m sharing the info!

Here’s the spiel:


In a late-night haze of neon and performance, live art and discotheque, the belly of the Abbey Theatre is being put to WERK. Underground club and performance roulette – this new monthly cocktail of ideas is an epic night out in the making. Irreverent, bold and trashy; WERK is the house of outrageous investigation, abnormal talent and unnatural beauty. It’s a party. Clock in – WERK out.

Seems like an interesting and unique cultural mix for Dublin and it’s great to see the Abbey opening up for some late night entertainment.

The dates:

  • Saturday 8 May 10pm-2.30am
  • Saturday 12 June 10.30pm – 2.30am
  • Saturday 10 July 10.30pm – 2.30am

Tickets are €10 in advance or €12 on the door. You can grab some now at the Abbey Theatre website and find out some more about the event here. Hopefully see you there!

THEATREclub stole your CLOCK RADIO what the FUCK you gonna do about it?

The best email subject line I’ve had greet me in my inbox in quite some time.

THEATREclub stole your CLOCK RADIO what the FUCK you gonna do about it? is the title of THEATREclub‘s upcoming production at The Project Arts Centre in Dublin on the first week of May and I’m egging to go. I had my first THEATREclub experience at Absolut Fringe 2009 with Group Therapy For One which I loved and wrote about over on Culch.ie.

The gist

THEATREclub are joining the masses in the dole queue.

We’re borrowing and worrying.

We’re thinking about leaving.

We’re trying to stay.

Just when we got to an age where we could start making something of ourselves, the whole country crashed down around us.

THEATREclub stole your CLOCK RADIO what the FUCK you gonna do about it? is a glance at how it feels to be young inside a nation in a state of collapse; looking out to a future you know nothing about.


The important stuff:

It’s running at The Project Arts Centre from the 4th to the 8th of May. You can get your tickets online for €12/8 (concessions) or €6 for the preview on Tuesday 4th. See you there!

Dolly Mixture 09.02.10 – fluffy pancakes, infographics and Absolut Fringe

double slanket
Double slanket - oh yes.

Happy Pancake Tuesday*. Here’s my favourite pancake recipe – it’s dead simple but it gives you lovely, fluffy, light little pancakes that are just nyom. (*correction – turns out that Pancake Tuesday isn’t till next week.)

State of the Internet infographic via Mashable. God I’d love to open an infographics gallery I love them so much.

Guesslist gets a spring clean – looking tasty.

There’s going to be Chaos at Wordcamp Ireland and I just can’t wait.

Some fantastic internship opportunities with Absolut Fringe, one of my favourite festivals in Dublin.

456 Berea St have discovered that sIFR’s default CSS causes issues for some screen readers. Here’s the skinny and the fix.

Anyone giving or taking up anything for Lent? Could you give up the Internet for 40 days?