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How NOT to use a mailing list #103453535

When this brute landed in my inbox earlier, I was lost for words:


Now the static image is garish enough but imagine the red and yellow dots flashing and images within those changing in rotation also. Not pretty. And certainly the most spammy spam to slip into my inbox in a long time.

What I can’t work out is what the email has to do with Learning Ireland, which is a website concerned with night courses and further education, not an online stationary shop.

I’ve emailed them to see what the heck is going on and who sent this out on their behalf.

Darklight viral video workshop & discussion

On Saturday I went along to the full day workshop & discussion on viral video making and distribution¬†organised by Darklight and the EU Commission. For anyone completely new to the term ‘viral video’ it was particularly useful with a good mixture of speakers from video production to digital marketing to the legal side of media production and an even broader group for the panel discussion at the end of the day.

The entire event was streamed live from Dawson St and you can catch up on the presentations and discussions of the day via the U-Stream channel page or clicking on the videos below. If you want to hit on a specific part of the day, check out the schedule here. For information on the film competition being run by Darklight & the EU, check out www.darklight.ie/democracy.