Happy Birthday, Nana!

Nana who likes iPhone!It’s my Nana’s birthday today. She’s marking off a fantastic 86 years today, an age I think I could only dream of reaching.

She’s a hugely important person in my life. I effectively grew up with her, being the first grandchild she had because my parents were building or house when I was born so I settled into Nana’s cosy cottage from pretty much day one. In the 25 and a bit years since  I’ve learned so much from her.

She’s a fantastic woman and I love going down there to spend a few hours chit-chatting, giving out about the government and drinking tea (or something stronger if she could only convince you to) with her. Can’t wait to see her on Friday.

Happy birthday, Nana & here’s to many more :)

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Nana!”

  1. She’s one of my favourite people too :) Nothing beats a cup of tea, some sweet cake and her wondering about the colour of your hair. I look forward to seeing her Friday :)

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