Context is king

My dad (farmer) makes me LOL

I stumbled over this on my phone again last night. I love the speed and efficiency that texting and tweeting offers but sometimes things just get so lost in translation or, as in this case, lost in context.

To set the scene: I had sent my dad a photo of a bunch of us having lovely creamy pints in the Storehouse and wishing him a happy Paddy’s day. It’s also important to point out here that he is a dairy farmer and the twins being referenced were newborns of the bovine variety.

Can’t wait to show it to him at the weekend after a few creamy pints :)

One thought on “Context is king”

  1. I wonder if he knows about the “sent messages” folder, whereby he could take a moment to look back and reflect on… that. Although it´s funnier he remains the same.

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