O2 iPhone 3GS website fail

New iPhone on O2.ie
New iPhone on O2.ie

Couldn’t resist posting this booboo that’s currently sailing on www.o2.ie. Just another blip in one of THE most blip-riddled sites in the world. Ever. I’m surprised there wasn’t another Javascript-tastic window overlay piece of nuisance to greet me when I hit the site this morning trumpeting how I won’t be able to get my mits on an iPhone 3GS as an existing customer for another age. </minirant>

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  1. O2.ie website and webtext in particular is a special case in inept programming. Bank Of Ireland 365 Online is a close second.
    Why does this happen? A= because the “decision makers” ie the folks who sign off on the project are often technophobes who can barely switch on their little PC’s. Email is a huge challenge for these Muppets.They are from a generation of proud luddites

  2. You might re-title your article

    O2 iPhone launch fails

    as O2 shops ran out of stocks on the launch day, after they promised no stock issues like the previous two iPhone launches. Also showed some very poor organiszational skills by some shops holding for a pre-order list and others operating first-come first-served.
    Overall a poor show from O2.

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